Complaining about Gas safety certificates Retrospectively

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  • Complaining about Gas safety certificates Retrospectively

    Hi Folks ,

    great site here , alot of my smouldering questions have already been asked and answered.

    I have an question regarding complaints about gas safety certificates, is it possible to complain about an absent gas safety certificate (during the tennancy) after the tennancy is over. I am guessing not as i should have done it at the time !! which i am annoyed about now , but since it was my first leasing i wasn't so clued up , however it took me nearly 6 weeks to badger my landlord in to getting a gas safety certificate.

    If anyone can confirm this for me i would be very greatful.



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    I don't think you can sue her for breach of contract now the contract has ended but I think you should tell your LL that you are horrified to discover that she compromised your safety for all that time and that to protect future tenants she should get a CP12 (gas safety certificate) immediately, otherwise you will be obliged to inform the EHO at the council - it is a criminal offence not to have a gas safety check done and certificate produced, annually.
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