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  • Environmental health and smoke alarms

    My tenant called in environmental health because her boiler was faulty ( no idea why she called them?) We have fixed the boiler but were sent a report to say we would be reinspected and fined if there were not connected smoke alarms with 10 year batteries.( A tenant removed the ones fitted to the light socket) We were not able to find any with 10 year batteries but have fitted smoke alarms that connect to each other with bell wire which I believe are safer than unconnected. The environmental officer is impossible to get through to, to check if this is acceptable. I am confused, obviously it is good practice to have smoke alarms, and most of our properties have wired in alarms. I was not aware that environmental health could fine us for this when the legislation only refers to HMOs and new properties. Have I missed something?

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    Required only if the property is an HMO or a new build after 1992, I think.


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      Idle threats from an uninformed council I am afraid.

      You cant be re-inspected and if they are not done and be fined. Before you even got to any fine, which can only be done through a court of law. The council would have to take enforcement action, i.e issue a notice on you. The notice would require you to do work within a set timescale (say 2 months). If the timescale elapses and the work isn't done that's when it could go to court.

      Dont bother ringing the council, put your questions in writing to the person concerned and if possible take your letter to the council offices and get a receipt, AND ask for acknowledgment letter and dont forget keep a copy for yourself.


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        Lancs Fire brigade fit them free with 10 yr batteries.


        or locally....



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