Letting flat; are fire doors a legal requirement?

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    Letting flat; are fire doors a legal requirement?

    As a first-time landlord, I'm so glad to have found this forum.

    I have a one-bed ex-local flat that I've been living in for the last four years or so.

    The front door opens into a hallway, off which there are four rooms (bathroom, kitchen, lounge and bedroom). However, when I moved in, doors had been taken off the kitchen and lounge, so both rooms open directly onto the hallway.

    One estate agent has told me that I will need fire doors fitted to both rooms. Another has said that I shouldn't need doors fitted on either (but will check as I may need them fitted on the kitchen). The doors already fitted on the bathroom and bedroom are not fire doors.

    I have working smoke alarms in both the hallway and the lounge. Does anyone know if the landlord is responsible for fitting fire doors?

    Thanks in advance.

    If its not a HMO, I dont think they can make you do anything inside your flat.
    It will only be a HMO if you have more than 2 unrelated people living in it, or the flat is part of a converted house/building, rather than purpose built.

    Ask your agent to what regulations are they referring to?

    The communal area should have a fire risk assessment done; who is the manager of the communal area?
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      You will clearly need to fit some sort of doors, as I think you will struggle to let a flat without internal doors. Fire doors do improve safety (they give a minimum of 30 mins fire resistance - which can save lives). Fire doors do not cost much more than ordinary doors.

      I'd go for fire doors even if they are not legally required.
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        Thanks for your advice.

        The flat will be let to a maximum of 2 people, as it's a one-bed flat. There are internal doors - on the bedroom and bathroom. We haven't had any comments yet from prospective tenants expecting to see them on the living room or kitchen. (I'd moved into this flat for over a week before I noticed there wasn't a door on the living room!)

        The communal area is owned by the local authority (as the flat is ex-local) so the doors on the front of the building etc. all adhere to regulations. It is a purpose-built flat.

        Thank you.



          If the kitchen opens into the hallway, and you have to get past the kitchen to get to the front door, then I'd advise putting a fire door on it. The hallway is the main escape route in case of fire, and the kitchen itself is a higher fire risk area than anyother room in the flat!


            Thanks - the kitchen does open on to the hallway, but you don't have to get past it to get out of the flat - it's the furthest room away from the front door. Appreciate advice though, and if any prospective tenants moot that they would like a door on either the kitchen or the living room, I will definitely invest in a fire door rather than a standard one.


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