Fire alarm legal info needed.

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  • Fire alarm legal info needed.

    Can someone tell me what the legal position is on having a fire alarm installed in my HMO building, which is a four story Victorian house with 2 self contained flats and a maisonette The local Housing Authority is insisting that I install a system which they describe in their “HMO Licensing standards” pack, as a category LD2 detection system to BS5839: Part 6 2004. I understand that this means a smoke detector in almost every room, also call points in the hallways and emergency lighting system on the stairs.

    As I have only just had a system fitted that has a control panel with linked smoke detectors in the hallways of each flat I am not very happy about the extra expense.

    I have had a look at the 2004 Housing Act and can’t seem to find anything that specifies such a system
    Do I really have to replace my almost new existing system or are they just trying it on?

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    No I dont think they are trying it on, sounds about right LD2 is for escape routes and high risk rooms in HMO's these being kitchen lounge, etc. Although I have to say whoever installed the system should have advised you that is what should have been put in in the first place.

    Anyway, it isn't that much of an issue as really all you will have to do is extend the existing circuits.


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      Entirely agree wth red40, the LD2 specification is the norm for a four storey HIMO, together with the emergency lighting.

      If the existing system is industry standard then it can be extended, however there are a lot of mickey mouse systems on the market together with electricians who think they are fire alarm system designers.


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        Why is it an HMO? How many households in each flat? I have a three story Victorian House converted into 3 self contained flats and no more than two persons in each flat. I have a letter from my council stating that I am not an HMO for licensing purposes. However, if I get more than 3 persons (on the lease) in any one flat, I am to contact them.


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          The only time it wont be a HMO is if the property dancoast has if the property was converted with full building regulations approval post 1991 and the two thirds rule applies, i.e it isn't occupied by owner occupiers.

          If the above does not apply to you paragon, i.e building regs and 2/3 owner occupiers, it will be a hmo but not one that requires a mandatory licence, because there is no sharing of amenities.


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            I remember you saying on one of your posts in the HMO section, but I looked at their website but couldn't find the relevant bit you where referring too.


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