Agent Says Failed EICR - T says sparks only stayed 17 minutes

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    A few notes on the EICR from my point of view

    In the schedule of results (RCD column) there is a 30mA RCD listed under protecive devices, yet there is no disconnection rimes or functional test check

    Item 3.4 is listed as a C1 - this would be the case if there is no earth and the power is on, the supply shows an external loop value of 0.11 so at works this would be a C3

    The schedule also shows main gas and water bonding

    4.18 - shows a C2- this box is usually ticked if the external earth is too high (such as a TT supply), the supply is listed as NOT TT, this should be listed as N/A

    4.19 is N/A where it should be a C3 (no RCD additional protection)

    6.1 indicates RCD protection in the bathroom - this is ticked and if this is the case then item 6.4 should be N/A

    Section 5.12
    The installer has indicated (again) there is RCD protection

    5.11 - apparently all concealed cables are armour or in metal conduit etc (the wiring is listed as type A which is PVC twin and earth)

    4.22 and 4.23 are ticked - apparently you have solar panels / generator which operates connected to the grid as well as not connected to the grid

    4.20 - you have a surge protection device (SPD) in property (not likely as the fuse box has rewirable fuses)

    There is other stuff, can you send a photo of the consumer unit area and post it here please?


      There is a lot of "stuff" in front of the consumer unit but the T is in process of getting it cleared. I will ost a photo in a few days when this has been accomplished.


        Just to add consumer unit is in the attached garage linked to meter accessible from outside building for reading purposes. A common feature of houses on the estate.


          Consumer unit would not have been fully accessible to sparks on his visit - although plugs/sockets and light fittings were. So strange he managed to do the requisite tests on it in his 17 minutes.


            Originally posted by Suleiman View Post
            Consumer unit would not have been fully accessible to sparks on his visit - although plugs/sockets and light fittings were. So strange he managed to do the requisite tests on it in his 17 minutes.
            it’s simply not possible to do an EICR in 17 minutes


              I saved 20% by finding an electrician who was not Vat Registered.


                My feeling is that if the sparks had got back to the agent and reported he was unable to do the EICR because some of the parts he had to test were not accessible (or whatever reason). Other things he needed to test (light fittings, sockets and switches) were accessible so he could have checked the wiring. However he didnt. He could have reported all this and then that based on his experience the work needed was xxx. Then he would be simply a tradesman giving an opinion and n estimate for the work. However to claim that the full EICR was carried out and produce a signed document to that effect smacks to me of fraud. Then some of you have found anomilies in that documentation.


                  consumer unit


                    Ive arranged a second opinion from an independent sparks and am awaiting a few dates from the T as to when its possible for him to do the check. Hopefully this one will do a full check and not a fake one.


                      A second opinion with an independent sparks is now booked in for next tuesday, The agent contacted the T and said that as well as the electrician she wanted both of us to be present. The T has vetoed that saying that its a small house and she is not having "onlookers" in the way while the sparks is going around trying to do his work. Agent not too pleased by that. She likes to think shes in control.


                        Good plan to get a 2nd opinion. Ask the 2nd spark to photo issues he finds so you can see them.


                          Will do. Will report back when he has done the EICR


                            We got a second sparks to do the inspection and he reported the wiring is good for another 20-30 years and it only needs a consumer unilt. He is coming to do the work next week and the T is happy for it to go ahead.

                            Thanks for all who contributed.


                              I hope you have sacked the agent! I would do it without notice on grounds of misconduct.


                                That EICR is a complete load of rubbish if that is your consumer unit... I hate these auto generated EICR's imo only employ an electrician if he does a written report that does not use automated software, all of my EICR's are typed up by hand with decent explinations..

                                The schedule of test results show 30ma RCD protection when clearly there is no RCD protection (Hence why there is no times for disconnect given)

                                He has given the protective device as BS60898, when they are BS3036 rewireable fuses and has incorrectly rated them.

                                He has not given r1, r2, rn for any of the ring circuits and not given an r1+r2 for one of the ring circuits.

                                So lets take a look at the C2's.

                                - NO RCD for fault protection - RCD is generally only used for fault protection in a TT earthing system or where the circuit is so long the required Zs cannot be obtained, all you Zs looks ok. RCD is not needed for fault protection, in this situation would be for additional protection and would warrant a C2 if the sockets can be used for mobile equipment outdoors, so generally any ground floor socket.

                                - Unacceptable condition of accessories, well that is as clear as mud, that could be literally anything and any accessory, how would any following electrician know what he was taking about.

                                - No presence of supplementary bonding conductors, often these connections can be hidden behind bath panels and under floors, so unless he took all these up I code as N/V or not verified.

                                - IP rating - Well this looks like something in the bathroom so either a light or a heater, easily changed.

                                - Unacceptable condition of insulated live parts, again could be literally anywhere, there is no clue what this is referencing

                                - Cables for current carrying capacity, again no idea, it is using T+E which would be suitable for the installation, unless there is some T+E outside, but the sizing appears to be correct for each circuit over current protection, no real clues as to what this is referencing.

                                - Wiring not appropriate for external influences, I could only guess there is T+E outside which would explain above, in which case probably easily fixed.

                                - Earthing conductor size not compliant - He says its a 6mm which surprises me cause for those properties it is usually 10mm, I would not put it as a C1 if there is no signs of heat damage

                                - Lack of accessibility of earthing conductor - Not clear what this is referencing but I would not consider lack of accessibility ever would be a C1 where there is imminent danger.

                                In Summary, you need something changed in the bathroom, check all your accessories and change if damaged. I am only guess but think there may be some T+E outdoors that needs changing and replace the consumer unit, as part of the replacement upgrade the earthing conductor and the bonding conductors...

                                Nothing there gives rise to needing a rewire, but frankly that EICR is not worth the paper it is written on, I notice this is a default form and there is no CPS logo which suggest to me that this electrician is a domestic installer and not an approved electrician with inspector status, check if they are registered to do EICR's If they are not then it does not mean they cannot but if they don't have the qualifications and experience then this is the sort of EICR I would expect, unfortunately even if they are registered with a CPS as long as they don't put the badge on the EICR then there is nothing they can do, you should always get an EICR done by an electrician that is registered as an inspector from that website.


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