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    Unsafe landlord.

    Long winded bare with me, have been in the current property I’m renting just over a year now - and we have had nothing but worry since we moved in.

    the first gas safety record was carried out after we initially asked the landlord to get somebody to complete one.

    we have never had electric safety certificate
    building regulation certificate
    deposit in a scheme
    fire regulations adhered to

    But gas safety - we asked - it was carried out and I thought nothing of it until I stupidly reached for it to check if we needed an updated one (and to remind my landlord.) it has 2 items on there which were the boiler and the gas oven/hob - for the gas oven it says no in the safe to use box - but there were never any condemning stickers or repairs afterwards.

    I checked the registration number against the gas safe register and it was a company who were not in my locality, I contacted the company and they confirmed they had not completed it nor did they have any subcontractors complete the work.

    HSE and gas safe have been informed and i *think* investigations into whoever the hell it was are going to be carried out… my landlord says he can’t recall who the person was.

    I found out from gas safe they have no details for the property I live in on their system even though a new boiler was installed in 2017 - there’s a sticker on the boiler that states it’s a ‘landlord gas safety certificate’ - the man’s name is on the sticker too, but here’s where it gets weird - the boiler isn’t listed as installed - but the man who installed it is a gas safe registered engineer.

    I can’t fathom what would have been at play for neither of them to contact Gas safe to notify of the installation.

    he’s now offering to pay our deposit back to us x 3 but wants us to put in writing that the above information will not be taken any further.

    You have a choice - you can accept his money and move on or report him to the authorities and he is likely be subjected to an exemplory fine of many thousands of pounds.

    Some Local Authorities use the excuse that they cannot act on slum landlords because they have no witnesses. Birmingham council had made no prosecutions for many years until a couple of years ago when they prosecuted one landlord who ended up with fines of £120,000.


      Sorry to read your story. In your shoes I'd involve local council.

      Suspect if he's got all this wrong other things might have been "forgotten". E.g. declaring rent to HMRC. I'd grass him up to HMRC - there are too many tax cheats , especially with the financial mess we are currently in.

      Such a shame tenants don't require references from previous tenants regarding landlords and agents. Just as legal as landlords demanding references re prospective tenants.

      Good luck, hope the next rental is better.
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        Inform the local council about the issue, and let them investigate. I've never given a buildings regs certificate to a T. What fire regulations weren't adhered too?

        Now that you know what to look for when you rent, you will be armed to find a good property which is compliant, just don't complain about the higher rent, this is the cost of keeping T's safe and secure.


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