MID (Meassuring Instruments Directive)

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    MID (Meassuring Instruments Directive)

    I have old Card Ampy Electric Meters for the tenants rooms of my HMO, which were installed over 10 years ago.

    I dont charge them a Standing Charge, as I feel that is unfair.

    The system is simple and works well, and no fraud.

    I have been looking at newer systems for a new HMO, but I find the standing/running costs are going to be more than the cost of the electricity the tenant uses.

    I have then considered using older Ampy Meters again - but have only just become aware of this MID (Measuring Instruments Directive/Regulations 2016):


    however reading through it, I am unsure if it applies to the end user ... it only mentions Manufacturers, importers and distributors.

    Anyone enlighten me if landlords can use these older meters anymore in a new location.


    Why not just incorporate the cost of utilities and water into the rent, that way you don't need other things, I can't see them using too much electricity in a single room. The main costs are usually the heating left on even in summer, but this would be a communal heating system.


      I can't see them using too much electricity in a single room.
      You would be surprise how much a 3Kw heater, run day and night in winter costs. I witnessed one tenants room, (who came from a hot climate) -that was so hot he was dressed just in his shorts, with snow on the ground outside, it must have been 26/27 in there. That was before I installed meters ... once he was made accountable for the energy he used, he became more frugal.

      I went with these people who sell 'Emlite Top Up Smart Meters' that can be topped up over the internet:


      Standing charge was more reasonable, about £7 a month (£1.75 a week) - in comparison to the rent not a big deal.

      From what I can see, it seems the manufacturer runs the top up portal, with it being branded by the reseller, annual charge of £66 for Portal seems same from all suppliers I contacted.

      They have a help line for tenants to call, which helps in the meters being maintenance free, ie no calls at all hours for cards !


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