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    British Gas Land Lord Cover Query

    Hi all,

    Have been reading the post on this forum for a while now and nice to see so many helpful likeminded people here.

    I have a question regarding British Gas Landlord cover that I have had for over 15 years. I notice the annual cost to be the region of £720 that is paid monthly. Although the same cover on their website is only £19.

    From looking at the page, there is currently an offer with the full price being £24, which is still significantly cheaper than what I am paying.

    Can anyone advise why this might be or if they have had a similar experience.

    Thanks BL

    It's a loss leader. They get you to sign up at a nice cheap price, then the next year the price rockets. Only way to avoid is to cancel every year, but then you have to go a month with no cover.
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      That's odd as mine only went up £2 a month this year (£22) and BG is the only boiler cover worth having and I've tried them all
      As said best advice is cancel in the summer and take out new policy at introductory rate.


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