Gas safety inspection needed on new gas hob?

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    Gas safety inspection needed on new gas hob?

    Hello, I am renovating my rental flat in fitting a new kitchen. There are no tenants, I’m hoping to rent it out from January 2022. Gas safety certificate is expiring this month. I’ll be at the flat all day in early November ( I live 3 hours away) so that would be a convenient time for the inspection. However, the current cooker will be chucked out and replaced with a new one, probably in December. Should I book the inspection for November or wait until the new gas hob is fitted? Thank you

    Wait until you have all your gas appliances in place and then book it. There is no requirement for a gas safety whilst it is empty and doing the two separately will cost you twice and will men they are due at different times next year.


      You could also ask the engineer installing the cooker to carry out a landlord check.


        A new istallation is supposed to be certified as safe by the qualified installer/fitter.

        So you shouldn't need a GSC doing for it for a year, the installation certificate covers the first year.


          Thanks guys. I have a HomeCare agreement with British Gas so I checked with them. As the new gas cooker will be installed by a Gas Safety registered plumber, that will be good for a year. I’m going to get the certificate done in early November even though the old cooker will get chucked out as soon as the new kitchen is fitted. That way if the kitchen fitter wants to use it at least I know it’s safe. Interestingly, the NRLA gave me inaccurate advice ( that I’d need to get the new cooker inspected as part for eh gas safety check).


            Originally posted by Lots on View Post
            Interestingly, the NRLA gave me inaccurate advice ( that I’d need to get the new cooker inspected as part for eh gas safety check).
            That's not inaccurate, just poorly explained.

            Yes the new installation will be covered by the installers safety certificate, but anything else eg. an existing boiler, gas fire, hob etc. wouldn't be and should be covered by an existing GSC.

            So you could have have a GSC for existing stuff, and a fitters certificate to cover newly fitted stuff.

            Next time the existing GSC was renewed, which is almost certainly going to be less than 1 year after the new stuff was fitted, then the new stuff would be inspected/certified at the same time 'as part of the gas safety check' (which is what they said).

            That just makes sense otherwise you would be paying for different things to be insected at different times, which would cost you more.

            If there are no other existing gas appliances then the new stuff won't need a GSC until a year after fitting - for the first year it's covered by the installation certificate.


              PS. As you say that you have BG HomeCare then I assume there is a gas boiler already inspected? (Unless the homecare is for another property).

              Remember to add the cooker/hob to the contract or it won't be certified on the next GSC inspection.

              My previous LL had BG HomeCare and thought that the service/inspection covered the gas hob as well as the boiler, it doesn't unless you specify that it should (and pay a bit more).
              Despite me telling him that and showing him on the CP12 that the hob wasn't covered he only ever had it done correctly for one year of the 10 that I was there.
              (Then he switched cover because it was cheaper, it was cheaper because once again the hob wasn't included).

              If you ever come to evict, and the tenant knows their stuff, they can simply point out that you don't have a full GSC only a partial one, so any s21 would be invalid.


                Thanks nukecad, yes the agent for BG Homecare was very clear that I would need to add the new cooker to my policy going forward. You can’t assume anything, all gas powered appliances have to be stated on the policy.


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