Electric safety - who is responsible for incoming supply problems?

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    The moral of this tale is to get more than one electrician to look at the job and focus on resolving the actual problem. Found an electrician who successfully got reading down to safe level charging just under £200.00. No need for a new supply. Thanks for advice as it’s easy to believe what the big companies can say.


      Glad you got it sorted

      What did he do ?

      The supply cable is not the householders / owners responsibility


        I wonder if this is another bit of vague badly written law that only gets sorted out by judges when someone objects?
        it seems unfai that people in flats have to pay for something houseowners get free.


          On reading on money savin expert it sounds as if the dno should pay up tp the meter unless you are requesting an upgrade or you damage their cable. If you ask for an upgrade that they can charge whatever they like.


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