Electric safety - who is responsible for incoming supply problems?

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    Electric safety - who is responsible for incoming supply problems?

    My electric safety survey failed because of a high ZE reading caused by a faulty earth coming into the building. My network provider is UK Power Networks in London.
    UK power Networks want to charge me more than £5,500 to replace the cable coming into the property. The cable is short as the property opens directly onto a pavement. My questions are…
    1. I thought the network provider was responsible for all hardware up till my fuse box. If so, are they try to charge me for something that is their responsibility?
    2. Can I get another company to quote for the connection as with a job of this size I would normally get 3 quotes, or am I stuck with them?
    3. Does anyone have an electrician in north London who will fix a TT to the system as I’ve been told that this would fix the problem.
    I’ve been sent round in circles on this one - from the ombudsman to CAB to the supply company etc. Thanks for any advice

    If the DNO have supplied an earth they are responsible for maintaining it

    Had the same thing last week and SP Energy networks ended up installing a new cable from the street (no cost to customer)

    Up here SPEN are responsible right up to the cable head in the property

    Simply put- their stuff - their money to fix


      The DNO is only responsible up to the incoming head / main fuse.

      What is the Ze and what is the Zl ?


        Thanks- It’s an old supply not changed for decades but I’ll do some push back as I think it is their property even though it was installed before they existed.


          The ZE is 12.7 but I’m not an electrician so not sure what these figures mean. I’m just trying to make sure I have a choice in how to remedy this and, legally should pay


            Originally posted by Phil hurst View Post
            The ZE is 12.7 but I’m not an electrician so not sure what these figures mean. I’m just trying to make sure I have a choice in how to remedy this and, legally should pay
            I would say its up to the DNO to fix .


              They are responsible for their supply cable.
              Their cable is giving a high Ze (should be 0.8 ohms or less on a TN-S supply or 0.35 or less on a TN-C-S supply)

              Just went back to the one today where Scottish Power energy networks dug up the back garden, driveway and found the cable joint, replaced new joint with a new one and installed a spike (still TN-S inside).
              All at zero cost to the client.

              See this pdf from the IET (the people who publish the wiring regualtions)


                Many thanks - that’s really helpful. Got some ammunition now.


                  I had a similar attempt to pass costs to the freeholder . But i insisted and they fixe d it. Now they have replaced the main fuseholder in the flat but will no doubt try to get the block free holder to do the expensive job of replacing the box and cabling that distributes 3phase supply between the flats it is all maybe 50years old!
                  it sounds as if the engineers they send out are on a commission.


                    I believe that the law has changed such that the Freeholder of a Block of flats (or residents Management Company) owns the cable from the point it crosses the legal boundary underground all the way to the consumer unit of each flat; with the meter being owned by the electricity grid in an "island" of ownership. This is at a huge potential cost to service charges to upgrade. There is another twist. The Supplier wont enliven the new supply cable unless each flat owner has a satisfactory electrical safety certificate for that flat.

                    I happen to know about this because some pre war supply cables insulated in calendered cloth in tar started overheating serving a block of flats that we manage; and the whole thing has turned into a very big ticket


                      Ouch. Sorry to hear that ff. How many flats and what did it cost!


                        It was only a small block of six flats, but the potential cost for large inter-war estates with numerous blocks set in extensive grounds is enormous. The cost of the work was around £2500 per flat. One of the shortcomings of RTM is that Boards become a have a tendancy to be more interested in decorating the internal common parts than tackling works to the infrastructure which are overdue.


                          We don't have freeholders up here

                          The local REC (SPEN) actually replaced the supplies and laterals in several hundred flats in my local town in the past few years

                          They have a planned maintenance programme- as well as a reactive one.

                          If I call about a job they are there the same day and fix quickly, although they pop the non urgent stuff on to a planned maintenance plan.


                            With so much money involv ed i would want a legal opinion before letting the dno charge us tens of thousands. I wonder if the law is clear. The dno has an interrst ln charging us so i would not expect them to be impartial.
                            potentially we could end up with four tesms of electricians to improve one supply. Thats free holder leaseholder supply co and dno!


                              This is the problem with privatisation, shareholders take priority.

                              Back in the day I (before the local DNO sacked their employees and put everyone out to tender) I could call my local office and speak to someone who could string a sentence together and actually knew their job inside out and what was a priority etc.
                              Now you get some person reading off a script with not enough knowledge


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