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    Emergency Lighting

    Is it mandatory to have emergency lighting for the communal areas in a block of flats ? Obviously sensible but not everyone is !

    Emergency escape lighting is not required in individual flats themselves but must be provided to all common escape routes within purpose-built blocks of flats over two storeys in height. Smaller blocks under two storeys may still require emergency lighting if there is no adequate borrowed lighting (street lighting).


      Thanks ash for prompt and clear reply. Does that apply to converted buildings ? It makes sense to have it in them as well.


        Given the low price of running LED lighting it is often cheaper to have lights that just remain on 24/7 (a 7W Led bulb costs about 2p/day to run 24/7 versus 1p/day to run 12 hours per day).
        The cost of running them will be pennies per month, versus £1000s in fixtures and electrician bills and maintenance when the sensors fail or need adjusting.


          Appreciate your considered answer. Showing my ignorance will these lights keep on if electricity supply cut off ? What is definition of emergency lighting ?


            Yes get one like this

            Really not expensive stuff
            And leave on 24/7 - timers get fiddly and are seasonal. Sensors likewise, and can fail in a fire anyway.

            Batteries need replacing every few years


              Thanks Andrew. I value you sharing your knowledge. It's what I will promote. However, has to be agreed by others !


                Originally posted by ash72 View Post
                but must be provided to all common escape routes within purpose-built blocks of flats over two storeys in height. Smaller blocks under two storeys may still require emergency lighting if there is no adequate borrowed lighting (street lighting).
                Could someone point me to chapter and verse on this please?


                  Check the H&S FRA report.


                    Sorry late response. Thanks


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                      by bob369
                      I can't see them using too much electricity in a single room.
                      You would be surprise how much a 3Kw heater, run day and night in winter costs. I witnessed one tenants room, (who came from a hot climate) -that was so hot he was dressed just in his shorts, with snow on the ground outside, it must...
                      28-11-2021, 12:45 PM
                    • MID (Meassuring Instruments Directive)
                      by bob369
                      I have old Card Ampy Electric Meters for the tenants rooms of my HMO, which were installed over 10 years ago.

                      I dont charge them a Standing Charge, as I feel that is unfair.

                      The system is simple and works well, and no fraud.

                      I have been looking at newer systems...
                      21-10-2021, 12:00 PM
                    • Reply to Electric ceiling heating
                      by landlord-man
                      I rented a top floor flat with ceiling heaters. Only short term for 6 months so not too bad.

                      Tempted to call RSPB out as the seagulls were burning their feet on the roof.

                      Woman in flat below us never turned hers on so we froze.

                      Property is now EPC E and only...
                      25-11-2021, 22:26 PM
                    • Electric ceiling heating
                      by zrux
                      One of my tenanted property has an electric ceiling heating. No Gas boilers.
                      Just wondered, in case it goes wrong, is there any insurance which can provide cover for this?

                      What kind of trades person needs to be contacted to fix if this goes wrong?

                      Any one got any clue...
                      05-09-2021, 16:39 PM
                    • Reply to Electric ceiling heating
                      by JK0
                      Come on, it's never going to happen. Bojo is even more keen on the green nonsense than the EU, if that were possible.

                      What o/p could do is what I suggested in another thread: Get the fancy storage heaters for the purposes of the EPC, and also install a normal wall heater. Then tenant has...
                      25-11-2021, 21:59 PM
                    • Reply to Electric ceiling heating
                      by Neelix
                      BEWARE of LOT 20 products FULL stop.

                      Seek advice and guidance from others before going down this route and I would say any heaters with LOT 20 need to have app control too

                      These products ARE the work of the devils - so many people can't understand them so waste LOTS of energy....
                      25-11-2021, 20:04 PM
                    • Reply to Electric ceiling heating
                      by zrux
                      Hi, looks like my fear of the ceiling electric heating going bad has come true now.

                      If I go for a lot 20 heater/ High heat retention storage heaters - assuming there's a difference between these 2 products, is there a possibility of Gov grant that can cover some of the costs?
                      25-11-2021, 19:35 PM
                    • Reply to Retrospective Application of BS7671 (Wiring Regulations) ?
                      by Charlieboy
                      Thanks for your comments / advice - I will certainly be challenging the report, with a bit more confidence now.
                      25-11-2021, 13:12 PM
                    • Reply to New gas boiler
                      by baldelectrician
                      Ferroli was used by our local council for about 5-6 months years ago.

                      They binned them and started using Vokera- they install so many they are 'agents' - who do not sell.

                      Vokera actually give them parts on a use or return basis (if still sealed etc), they also let the council...
                      25-11-2021, 00:40 AM
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                      Recommendations anyone? Just had one condemned, rip faithful old baxi Combi.
                      condemned off the gsc carried out at one of my rentals. The guy recommended a ?(something beginning with 'v') that has a 10 yr warranty, bound to be catches but I can't find out terms and conditions for 'V' boilers. He...
                      12-11-2021, 16:30 PM