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    There are unfortunately other issues beyond the cooker that factor into this matter. This is not simply compensation for what might have been.

    In correspondence, the LA has referred to a "defect" to the property that has caused other issues. The LL is denying any liability for any issues at the property. We are of the belief that they have breached electrical safety regulations. We would be exceedingly unhappy if we were to walk away from this situation without the practices of the LA and LL brought into question.

    Although we do not deem the offer of compensation adequate, it is more a matter of principle. We did not know how much information the LA has given to the LL. We would not wish for something like this to happen again as the result of not only negligence, but also miscommuncation or even misleading practices. We feel that the LA has misled a first-time LL who is not fully aware of their obligations.

    If there is a valid EICR, the LA neglected to provide us with one. If one exists, the LL would have brought an unsafe appliance into the property after it was carried out. Without an EICR, we do not have the satisfaction of knowing the property is safe to live in.

    When the cooker failed, the first person to be notified would have been the LA. They would have had to explain to the LL that what they had done was deemed unsafe. We are uncertain as to whether the LL knows about the cooker or not at this time.

    We raised concerns with the LA regarding the cooker as soon as we moved into the property. We did not specify the wiring, but asked if the LL was aware of the liability if it proves to be dangerous. We recived no answer. We followed this up. We were evetually told the LL did not want to carry out a PAT. It is not acceptable to wait nearly two weeks for a response to a question raising safety concerns.


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    • PAT Failure - Gas hob
      by MikeGreene
      My agents have recently taken over carrying out PAT Tests for my properties - it is a Selective Licence scheme area, and PAT Tests are a requirement.
      They have already found (unsurprisingly, given how many gunk up etc) two properties where the ignition button is not working and have failed the...
      11-08-2022, 12:48 PM
    • Reply to PAT Failure - Gas hob
      by nukecad
      In general -

      If it is plugged into a socket then it comes under PAT.
      If it is hard wired in then it comes under EICR.

      Think of a free standing electric cooker.
      Lower powered ones, under 3kW, that have a plug are not part of the electrical installation, they don't...
      13-08-2022, 09:35 AM
    • Reply to PAT Failure - Gas hob
      by Firebug
      It's not PAT it's the in service inspection and testing of electrical equipment and fixed equipment does come under it. The hobs would fail the functional test aspect of the procedure....
      12-08-2022, 20:56 PM
    • Reply to PAT Failure - Gas hob
      by royw
      I wouldn't expect a gas hob to need a PAT test either, it's a fixed item not a portable one. As long as it's passed the GSC I think that's all you need.
      12-08-2022, 15:07 PM
    • Elements of a proper gas safety check
      by AndrewDod
      Any gas competent people out there who can confirm exactly what a gas engineer should be doing as part of a boiler service and gas safety certificate.

      Just had an incident where a (smallish) gas leak in a wall was found a few weeks after such a service. It was discovered by the energy...
      18-07-2022, 11:43 AM
    • Reply to Elements of a proper gas safety check
      by gnvqsos

      They should do a flue analysis to ensure the gas is fully combusted ,and measure efficiency of the boiler..
      12-08-2022, 14:47 PM
    • Reply to Elements of a proper gas safety check
      by gnvqsos
      A tightness test at the meter should precede any work on gas pipes and devices.. If no leaks before the work commences, any subsequent leak is attributable to that fitter .I would guess that meter installers are not trained to a hih standard and have not learnt first principles, as a Gas sake engineer...
      12-08-2022, 14:45 PM
    • Reply to Asbestos Survey Report
      by Perce
      Thank you All.

      NSUK have now done an independent survey of the common parts for me very quickly.

      The management company is now also doing the survey but I did not want to wait for their report.

      I have asked the surveyor if it was a legal requirement...
      12-08-2022, 11:33 AM
    • Asbestos Survey Report
      by Perce

      I am selling a flat in a residential block of flats. My buyer's solicitor has requested an asbestos report saying the building was built before 2000 so it is a legal requirement to have it.

      The building was built in 1998 and the Management Company did not do it. ...
      10-08-2022, 14:44 PM
    • Reply to PAT Failure - Gas hob
      by nukecad
      If you do disconnect it then I'd remove the igniter button from the hole and replace it with a plastic blanking plug.

      That way it's obvious that there is no igniter and not simply a broken one.
      12-08-2022, 11:10 AM