What does my Gas Safety Certificate mean?

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    What does my Gas Safety Certificate mean?

    You see a gas safety certificate which says the appliances are OK -- but there's a problem with the equipotential bonding. I've cut it up to preserve some anonymity.

    Is this a failed gas safety certificate? The tenant wants to renew their AST -- do I have to correct the problem and issue a new one before signing the new one if I want to preserve my option of using s21?

    How long do I have to deal with it?

    The agents are saying it's fine, no pressure, it's passed, the equipotential bonding issue is just advisory. But I know to be wary!

    By the way, no previous gas safety has recorded a problem about this -- which is making me wonder what is going on. The gas people who did this one were supplied by the agent -- I contacted my guy who did the current one and he's up in arms, offended that they could have said this -- he's sure he hasn't made a mistake. But I really don't want to get involved in a row between tradesmen!

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    No problem.

    Ir's just advisory and appears on many GSCs.

    The rules advise that an electrical earthing bond should be within a certain distance (3 metres?) from the gas meter.

    Many are not that close, but as long as there is an earthing bond then it's a pass.


      Could just mean the GSR couldn't be bothered to look properly.

      What does your EICR say about equipotential bonding?


        EICR is fine.



          It is a total nightmare to find out about these things.


            I had the same issue with bonding on my certificate and have evicted my tenant without any problems.


              Originally posted by Mandryka View Post

              EICR is fine.
              The problem with the equipotential bonding is that its reasonably clear in BS 7671 (the electrical regs) but for some very bizarre reason the gas safety regs say something slightly different - which is MADNESS.


                I just received this email from the people who did the gas safety

                I hope you are well and thank you for your call yesterday.

                Following your conversation with our director Mark we can confirm that the attached gas safety certificate has passed.

                Although the gas bonding doesn’t meet current standards the gas safety inspection has still passed and this is just a recommendation.

                Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

                Many thanks and kind regards


                  I was told to run an earth wire along the gas pipe from gas meter to the boiler. Thegas pipe was a 22 mm copper tube so it was a better conductor than the wire i put in!
                  Another gas man said i could earth accross the gas meter to make it safe when they disconnect the meter. That made more sense.



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