Updating the MPAS database of active electricity supplies after a meter is removed.

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    Updating the MPAS database of active electricity supplies after a meter is removed.

    (admin, let me know if i've posted in the wrong forum, thanks)

    Hi, I have a building laid out as one residence.

    Formerly, it did have a separate electricity supply to a different part of the house. This was listed on the MPAS database as [House street number] A, [then rest of address].

    However, since no planning existed for a separate dwelling, I have clarified everything by just laying out the house (which is solely occupied by myself nowadays) as one building , one gas and one electricity supply, one living room, one kitchen etc etc as per planning consent etc. Had to go one way or the other , what with all the tighter HMO rules, and I went with existing planning consent.

    No meter exists any more for the other supply, and the account is closed etc.

    However, annoyingly, various letters persistently keep arriving refering to [the address]A... suggesting tedious things like what tariff, would i like to finish setting up an account etc etc.

    I had a brief chat with the usual distant call centre, which involved various things like granting permission to access the national database, asking me to confirm if the building is demolished etc (including, strangely, the address as defined with the remaining , single, active electricity supply., which surely isn't demolished)

    MY QUESTION - has anyone managed to update the MPAS database? or have any useful experience of doing so? Don't want to commit any gaffes or create any problems

    But also i'd like to iron out any confusion here in case i let out the whole house in future, or generate any trouble with any related databases/planners etc


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    So I assume from what you say there that you are looking for some kind of compensation for living in an unsafe situation?

    If that is the intention then it would have been easier to say that, and get answers about that.
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