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    New consumer unit advice

    Hi all,

    I had my electrical safety inspection carried out and the RCD in the consumer unit was found to be faulty (leakage due to age)

    I have a plastic mem consumer unit and can no longer obtain a new RCD so will have a new consumer unit fitted

    I have decided to future proof and fit a metal unit with RCBOS...a reasonable option looks to be BG (10 way with 6 RCBOS) although I can see some negative comments against BG on this site.

    Most of the electrical factors try and sell unknown makes/own brands so I though BG would be a good shout whilst keeping it at a reasonable price point.

    If anyone can reccomend a good alternative I would be grateful or confirm that BG will do the job.


    yes just had 2 electrical inspections fail .. reviews on BG consumer units seem pretty good on screwfix site . i have used their sockets fine


      I would go with the brand the installing electrician advises.

      I offer 2 brands and keep stick of spare parts for both


        Originally posted by philg View Post
        yes just had 2 electrical inspections fail .. reviews on BG consumer units seem pretty good on screwfix site . i have used their sockets fine
        What did they fail on?


          I use Hager, never any problems

          I specifically do not use BG (known as British Garbage in my opinion) as they have a failure rate

          I have been at 2 separate jobs in the last year with BG boards;
          • One where the landlord ordered a new cooker as it was not working and when we arrived we checked the cooker and found the BG consumer unit had a failed MCB, the cooker was working. The landlord opted to change it anyway as the existing cooker was old and past it.
          • Another job- was called to a tripping RCD and when the fault was rectified both RCD's failed (did not trip within ANY prescribed RCD tests)
          I use Hager as the new circuit breakers fit in the older consumer units, was at one last week where a 25 year old MCB had failed (client kept resetting it on a fault) and we popped in a new one (different look, fitted perfectly- even the logo matched up and was in line), the house was 25 years old (as was the consumer unit)


            Thanks all.

            In terms of Hager can you recommend the best/cheapest place to source from.

            Its looks like they do not come pre populated with RCBOs so it works out more expensive than BG...however i do want to fit once and forgot about it!



              Hager refuse to sell to the sheds (Screwfix / Toolstation / B&Q) as they don't want to devalue their brand by association.

              An electrical wholesaler is the only place to get Hager, they are dearer but you get what you pay for and are much better quality.
              There's a reason the sheds are cheaper

              Get the electrician to quote you to supply and fit Hager- if you buy the stuff then you are liable for the product as well as time spent by the spark getting stuff / missing parts etc.


                Thanks for the advice!


                  I put my day rate up when customers buy parts like this and charge then extra by the hour for any down time

                  If you are in England or Wales you need to ensure you get part P compliance too


                    You can probably source a Hager Unit from TLC if you don't want an electricians mark-up. Likely to be one on an industrial estate near you. TLC definitely sell to non electricians as I've bought stuff from them myself.


                      Have trust in your sparky, dont get you own, if theres anything wrong you will get charged to put it right, if its wrong and they get it its their problem simples. Plus they will use the same boxes daily and keep all spares incase anything happens in future, if its your box they might not have spres and you will be paying twice


                        Don't get me wrong, I'm not recommending to source your own. Just saying if you want to they can be gotten.


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                          That is, it's talking about the protection provided by the consumer unit.

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