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    Electrical Work and EICR

    I own a small flat in the East Midlands (rented out) and am told by the management company that electrical work needs doing.

    I was given an estimate and then asked for another. Between the two estimates, the costs, as regards four items, vary hugely. A new fan, for example would cost either £100 or £185, a bathroom light £100 or £60. Two other jobs would cost either £40 and £40 with one company or £22.50 and £25 with the other. The remaining job would cost either £88.25 or £80.00, not very different.

    It's not just a simple case of "everything more expensive with one company"; some items are cheaper with one of them, some cheaper with the other. As I see it, this shouldn't be the case: items that have to be bought in are available to anyone at the same or a similar price (a fan is a fan is a fan, for example), and the time needed for any particular job, among the five, shouldn't vary much. So what is going on?

    I wanted to have one company do some of the jobs, the other company, the others, but it appears that the cost of the certificate would be in addition to these charges and thus - as two certificates would then be needed - I would end up paying even more..

    Other than starting again and getting new estimates, or trying to get the firms to change parts of their offers, I'm not sure what I can do here. Any useful advice would be appreciated.


    P.S. What should an EICR certificate cost?

    My advice to you is not to use the management companies sparks

    a flat would be between £120 and £150 but remember that’s just to inspect and test, if you get C1 or C2 codes then remedial costs would be on top

    as for your quotes - £100 for a fan replacement is probably about right but it’s tricky to comment further, the bathroom light is very similar - with lights I always fit, where possible lights with bulbs the tenants can change

    hope this helps


      Thanks. I would do it myself but am not in a position to.

      I am being told by the management company that;

      ''the best and most practical solution is for one engineer to compete all of the remedial works otherwise it will end up more expensive and you run the risk of incurring greater issues or complications.''

      I'm not sure why I would (if the work is divided) "run the risk of incurring greater issues or complications'', nor why ''it will end up more expensive'' (if the work is divided).

      Perhaps it would in some way or ways be more convenient for the managers to have one contractor do the work.


        Well I suspect the managing agents are adding Mark up to the costs

        What is the justification for making these changes.

        Have you had an EICR done?


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