EICR Failed - best next steps?

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    EICR Failed - best next steps?

    Hi there

    I'm after some advice, as I feel a bit paralysed about what to do next. The EICR failed and I have no confidence in the contractors to carry out the remedial work.

    Back in April, against my better judgement, I booked an EICR for my one rental flat with British Gas (BG). I had really struggled to find anyone independent to do it (my fault, left it too late). They were originally booked for 30 April but didn't show up, texts all day saying they were on schedule etc and then nothing towards 6pm which was the end of the slot. No reason/no calls - huge inconvenience for my tenant who had taken the day off work.

    I rebooked for 14 May and the visit resulted in the failed report (attached). I found the report totally confusing to read and as I had the extended Electrical Cover with my British Gas Homecare I asked for one of their electrician to attend the property to see what items would be covered. A week later, met the BG electrician at the flat and he basically tells me he can't help as the EICR is contracted out. He takes one look at the report and starts to suggest that some of the codes are incorrect and confusing and I should complain to BG. I asked if he though the quote for the remedial work was fair and he thought it was extortionate (£1294 +vat). Two items were covered by BG homecare so this would be taken off the quote -£420 +vat for replacing the cooker switch.

    Since then I've been trying to get BG to help me sort this out as I now have zero confidence in the contractors but I seem to have little choice but to accept the quote and go ahead with the remedial work with them. I have sent the report onto another electrician who quoted £1015 +vat just based on what the EICR report says needed to be done. BG have gone silent on me following my email to ask them if they would send someone to do the remedial work that is covered by Homecare and then I'd find my own electrician for the remaining work.

    I'm so incredibly stressed as I'm loathe to just give in and pay over the odds for work that might not need to be done e.g. 16. water heater cupboard - we don't have one of those or 17. halogen lamps. Unfortunately, the electrician for the second quote is not available until August and is incredibly slow at responding to emails so I'm not sure they are that keen for the work.

    To add to this stress, this contractor electrician is calling every week - 2-3 times before I pick-up and now texts and messages through whatsapp about booking the work in. I am so unhappy with BG as (1) I feel stuck in this situation with a crap contractor and (2) under pressure to give the go ahead so that the EICR can be signed off to be compliant.

    If anyone has been in a similar situation I'd be keen to hear about your experiences, and if anyone can recommend any electricians in the GU12 area that would be helpful. What are your thoughts about the quality of this report and the remedial work quoted?
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    OK so my thoughts on the observations on Page 2 (the C2's)

    1. C3
    2. impractical to say without looking at the fuseboard
    6. If this isn't a ground floor flat its tricky to justify the C2 but as a duty of care to your tenants a C2 is probably the right thing to do
    7. as 6
    8. as 6
    9. as 6
    10. C3
    11. C3
    12. C3
    13. probably should be an FI
    14. as 13
    16. C2
    17. no code, outside the scope of an EICR
    18. as 13

    a photo or 2 showing the fuseboard would be useful

    I'm in GU21 and do venture into GU12

    Hope this helps


      Hi Neelix

      Thanks so much for this - I'll try and get a photo of the fuseboard from my tenant. The flat is on the second floor.

      If you have availability, could you PM me your details?


        Picture of fuseboard.


          Originally posted by Fayfe View Post
          Picture of fuseboard.

          I've PM'ed you


            This is a bit of a poor EICR in my opinion

            I agree with Neelix on most

            I would suggest a new consumer unit (I prefer Hager as the parts are backwards compatible with the old ones)

            Item 4.16 should be a N/A as it is a TN-C-S supply, no earth rod

            5.11 D -I doubt there are metal partitions in this dwelling, so a N/A probably

            I would get BG to fix the stuff under warranty / insurance that they cover and then have another contractor carry out the new consumer unit works.


              Thanks for looking through the report, I'm going to try and get hold of BG today. For the items quoted, do you feel this is a fair quote?


                To be honest its hard to say what a fair quote is because its not completely clear from the EICR what the issues are BUT on the basis that a new fuseboard AND a new cooker isolation switch are required I don think the prices you have been quoted are excessive


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