Housing inspector picking up things neighbouring council property don't even have

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    Housing inspector picking up things neighbouring council property don't even have

    A housing inspector has picked up things which neighbouring council property even don't have...

    For example there is a small set of external steps shared with our property and the neighbouring council property, they said they highly recommend I install a hand rail on the steps and has been rated as CAT 1 C, which is a high risk hazard...Same for a few steps onto the back garden (again none of their council houses have)

    But majority of the neighbouring property don't even have it which are mainly council...

    They have said I can't let a tenant move in until done...it's never been picked up before when I have rented through the council in the last 10 years... Now renting privately...

    Also Cat 1 C • Highly recommend installing a fence around the rear lawn area to prevent the risk of falling between levels or on the steps. (Prior to moving in) again other council property don't have it...

    Also they put as cat 2 D which is a high 2...

    * It was noted that the gas supply in the kitchen was capped off gas cooker . so that tenants could not utilise a Cooking with gas is generally more economical than cooking with electric... They noted as cat 2 D but haven't explained if I need to rectify this...

    * Unable to check lighting but all light fittings should be provided with low energy bulbs prior to moving in(Not a big deal, would normally leave some bulbs - but feel they being very picky)

    * ​​​There are no curtain rails (rectify prior to moving in)

    * Prior to tenants moving in Within 28 days • Ensure loft insulation is the minimum depth required (or at least 270mm) - the EPC is valid for a few years and rated D - don't understand why they have picked this up

    At the top of the schedule, they quote housing act 2004.

    ​​​​You would assume things like hand rails etc all their housing would have if they are making us have them?

    Who invited the council to inspect?


      I used to rent to council tenants through one of their schemes and she was doing end of tenancy for them aswell as seeing if the house was OK to relet... (There was no complaints from the tenant, he moved as relocated to London).

      As she picked up these points, she needs to reinspect to make sure all done before a tenant moves in.


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