Distance between cooker and cooker switch/socket

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    Distance between cooker and cooker switch/socket

    Hi, I have searched high and low for a specific answer and am struggling to get anywhere. Some answers suggest 10cm, others recommend 30cm minimum clearance horizontally.

    I'm renovating a property and where I want to reposition a freestanding 60cm electric cooker, it will be located pretty close to a socket. The socket is obviously above worktop height, so you can't really go perfectly 'horizontally' from the cooker to the socket. If you go horizontally from the edge of the hob, across to directly beneath the socket, the distance is about 8cm. If you take a diagnonal line from the edge of the hob to the socket, the distance is 20cm. But my query is-when considering a 'horizontal' distance from one to the other, are we talking perfectly horizontal, or can we use distances diagonally? If diagonal is acceptable, then I should be ok.

    If I can get an answer on that then I can identify whether this is a safe idea. Please don't worry-a professional electrician will be doing all works, but I want to ensure I understand the rules fully myself, as I will be the one renting the house.

    Thanks to all

    There is no minimum distance in BS 7671 ... in the building regs there is a suggestion of minimum 300 mm

    the dimension is on a horizontal plain, so draw a vertical line from the edge of the cooker then measure horizontally from the socket edge to the vertical line

    if I’m designing I aim for 600 mm

    if you will be renting, why does this matter to you?

    just remember the LL will need to get a satisfactory EICR before you move in or are you the LL?


      Hi Neelix, thanks so much for info. That explanation helps me to know how to actually interpret the suggested clearances.
      Yes, I am LL-apologies with the way I phrased the question. I will obviously be getting electrician to sort, but I want to ensure I know the rules myself too.

      That's interesting that there is no minimum distance mentioned in the BS.

      So if I use the method you outlined above, let's say we currently have a socket which is within 75mm from the edge of the hob to edge of socket. I know electricians work in straight lines-so could a metal blanking plate be put over existing socket and install a new double socket right beside it, i.e. on the opposite side, so that actual sockets are further from the hot zone? I know it still wouldn't be the suggested minimum of 300mm, but perhaps it would be better than current set up? This way there is no combustible material close to the hob (a metal blank plate would still be 75mm away, but presumably with no live sockets and made of metal, it's not 'combustible'?).

      Thanks for your time


        I would recommend you ask the person making the changes their opinion


          I certainly will-just trying to gauge a few opinions before I start, get some pros and cons etc. Knowledge is power


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