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    can any one help please ,i have just had 3 properties tested 2 of which failed and required new board .
    the third just required a new bathroom light as it wasn't ip65 rated (which i didn't believe it needed to be but that's by the by )
    today i e mailed and asked for the certificates only to be told that due to an oversight property 3 now also needed a new board as it wasnt compliant to the new regs ,it would have previously have been a c3 but under current regs its a c2 it has rcd protection to upstairs and down stairs sockets but the lights are just controlled with an isolator
    i asked him to retrofit an rcd to the lights but he reckons that wont be to current regs
    so i have gone from a pass to now requiring a new £400 board fitted
    is he correct or is he milking the cash cow
    thanks in advance for any assistance

    What were the C2’s on the other sites?

    if the muppet is saying your house doesn’t meet the 18th edition he’s a fool. Yes inspect to the 18th edition BUT non compliance’s to earlier versions are generally a C3

    can you list the specific C2’s as they are stated on the EICR?


      RCD(s) provided for fault protection - includes RCBOs (411.4.204; 411.5.2; 531.2) C2

      Lighting Not RCD Protected, cables buried less than 50mm within the fabric of the building not
      mechanically protected.

      this was the e mail he sent

      Please note that the xxxxx property has failed, this was overlooked as there is no RCD protection on half of the board, this means it needs a new one. With the old regulations it would have been a C3 code, not up to current standards, however with the new regulations, this is now a C2 requiring urgent remedial works.

      Sorry for the confusion, the cost would be the same as before for the RCBO board and we can do this next week if suitable.

      i believe he is trying to retrospectively apply the new regs

      im not sure the c2s on the other sites were warranted but didnt argue those and they are done now but this one is annoying me


        Lights without RCD protection is a C3

        that is fact

        unless it was designed and built since jan 2019


          well he has come back to me with this

          Regarding the c3 this is incorrect. Your electricians are mistaken. I had to call our head office at Napit to confirm this.

          It’s a strange one but because the board is a 16th edition the common practice was always to use a code c3 however because it is over 20 years since the 16 th edition was released, the 17th edition allowed a C3 code for this but because we are now on the 18 th edition and this is in its third/fourth year Napit deem it to be a C2.

          The new guidance especially with the new EICR for landlords coming into effect is that anything that does not comply with at least the 17th edition is now a code C2, it is a massive shift and will be controversial but i have to follow the guidance set out by our governing body which is NAPIT.

          You can of course check this with them by calling the technical department.

          I will note that i had to double check myself because i have always followed the rule that the regulations are not retrospective, but i think tat they are considering 20 years is long enough to address a C3.


            Napit are 100% wrong on this, as is the Spark

            i recommend you google the electrical safety council best practice guide no 4 issue 5 and take a read

            AND bear in mind that Napit don’t write the rules


              And a very important note but BS 7671 is not applied retrospectively

              This is the key.


                this guy is seriously starting to annoy me re below his response

                Im sorry but i have to be guided by NAPIT. They are my governing body. Authorised by the government of the UK. Napit have there interpretations.

                Your electrical is entitled to his opinion, but this my opinion and interpretation of the regulations now in force BS7671 “18th edition” and guided by my inspection council technical department.

                If you have an issue with the opinion please refer it to Napit. I cannot pass the property with a C2 code.

                You have to ask yourself. If someone damaged a cable in the fabric of the building and were electrocuted, you were in court for negligence, what would your defence be? Well my EICR stated it was fine as a C3 does not comply with current regulations, then who would be negligible. We have to advise that there is a clear possible danger present and therefore it is a C2 in complying with the BS2391 and using BS7671 as guidance.

                Your electrician may need to enquire to his governing body for an update.


                  That's BS

                  Napit contributed to the best practice guide and it's not a C2 in that cross industry guide.

                  Napit may have their opinion but it's not correct and tio use it to take money off unsuspecting clients is almost robbery


                    OK. My last input now I'm on my laptop

                    This is the link to the best practice guide and you can see all the contributing "bodies" which does include Napit


                    See if you can find any reference to cables in walls in the C2 section or C3 section

                    Then you can decide


                      he wont give this his latest
                      The link you sent me was for a charity, they are not a governing body. Napit do not write the rules but have to interpret them and then inforce them.

                      I will not be bullied into a false report i stand by my C2 response and will get you a reference number for Napit and you can take it all the way with them, this is fine. At the end of the day its about safety and my understanding of their stipulation for protection of concealed cables leads me to a code C2.

                      We are not doing this to generate false work or be annoying but need to ensure in the event of an injury or worse that we all all covered in a court of law. Would you not want me to offer my best guidance in that matter?


                        Wow wow wow

                        Napit do not enforce any rules - they take and make money out of poor electricians

                        Does he not acknowledge that Napit contributed to the cross industry document in the link?

                        As for being bullied - as far as I can tell he hasn't given you a real reason for his C2 and is probably really annoyed that you are questioning him.

                        FYI the best practice guide is what I point my customers at because its the ONLY document in the public domain created by the "competing" CPS's so it has balance in its contents

                        How big is the property? how many circuits and how much did you pay for the EICR?


                          i paid him 145 for the eicr ,25 to fit a light in the bathroom (that i wasn't sure was required but he insisted it was req) then a furter 145 to investigate a high resistance on the ring live to live leg which was a "loose " conection in a socket
                          its a 2 bed with a relatively new (metal cu) it has up and down ring protected by rcd an up and down lights no rcd just the standard isolator

                          i have asked him by way of a resolution if we cant just fit an rcd to the board to control the lights
                          he has come back with
                          I have in now way insisted that we change the board, only that it needs changing to pass the EICR.

                          If you get someone else to install the board we can test it again and pass it.

                          im probably going to have to pay the £480 or not get the cert


                            can you post a photo of the fuseboard ?

                            something here doesn’t add up


                              it has quickline 11 writen on the lid metal construction ,he says hes going to contact napit again today
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