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    HMO Electrical Work

    Hi I am looking carry out work in my 3 bed flat to prepare for HMO.

    Can someone please help confirm if the electrical hard wired smoke alarms need plastic back box fitted, if I already have a concrete ceiling.

    Thanks, Ray

    Not sure I understand your question, perhaps you could rephrase? Are you concerned about maintaining the fire rating of your compartment ceiling?


      Hi, It is more of a electrical related question.but agree I conver


        I am concerned about the fire rating of the building ceiling. It a 5 storey building and my flat is on the second floor.


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        • EICR Question
          by alsjack
          There has probably already been many questions on this so I apologise for yet another!

          I have an EICR which is about 3 years old and my current tenants moved in about 15 months ago, prior to having to provide a new EICR to new tenants I think.

          Is this EICR still valid or will...
          25-02-2021, 20:53 PM
        • Reply to EICR Question
          by Neelix
          my approach hasn’t changed. But I don’t do many EICR’s...
          26-02-2021, 22:37 PM
        • Reply to EICR Question
          by flyingfreehold
          I think even the electricians are tiring of doing these in such numbers and as a result showing more lenience than six or nine months ago...
          26-02-2021, 22:35 PM
        • eicr
          by paul.b
          can any one help please ,i have just had 3 properties tested 2 of which failed and required new board .
          the third just required a new bathroom light as it wasn't ip65 rated (which i didn't believe it needed to be but that's by the by )
          today i e mailed and asked for the certificates only...
          26-02-2021, 20:46 PM
        • Reply to eicr
          by Neelix
          Lights without RCD protection is a C3

          that is fact

          unless it was designed and built since jan 2019
          26-02-2021, 22:26 PM
        • Reply to eicr
          by paul.b
          RCD(s) provided for fault protection - includes RCBOs (411.4.204; 411.5.2; 531.2) C2

          Lighting Not RCD Protected, cables buried less than 50mm within the fabric of the building not
          mechanically protected.

          this was the e mail he sent

          Please note that the xxxxx
          26-02-2021, 22:09 PM
        • Reply to EICR Question
          by Neelix
          Hum, get a cheaper EICR, you are almost guaranteed that it will identify more C2’s , which cost more to put right, but aren’t actually needed

          EICRs are like gas checks, get them done properly, keep your tenants safe

          and if the inspector says it needs retesting in 3 years,...
          26-02-2021, 21:43 PM
        • Reply to eicr
          by Neelix
          What were the C2’s on the other sites?

          if the muppet is saying your house doesn’t meet the 18th edition he’s a fool. Yes inspect to the 18th edition BUT non compliance’s to earlier versions are generally a C3

          can you list the specific C2’s as they are stated on the EICR?
          26-02-2021, 21:16 PM
        • Reply to Can an electrician certify his own work ?
          by darkstar
          All there above from neelix
          26-02-2021, 21:13 PM
        • Can an electrician certify his own work ?
          by landlordray
          I am currently refurbishing a property which is to be fully rewired.
          is the electrician allowed to issue a EICR . ? as he is effectively checking his own work,
          or does this have to be certified by an independent qualified electrician. ?

          26-02-2021, 12:58 PM