Interlinked heat alarm issue

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    Interlinked heat alarm issue

    I have radio linked smoke alarms x 2 plus 1 heat alarm in my flat. The heat alarm stopped working, flashing red, and still not after battery replacement. I have put a temp brand new battery powered smoke alarm next to the heat alarm until the issue can be sorted.

    I am the Assured (not shorthold) tenant. My question is, can I legally instruct my own electrician to fix it without the landlord's agreement? Assuming that I am willing to cover the cost myself.

    I am in Wales.

    Firstly the alarm may well belong to the freeholder not your immediate landlord (is this a flat). There is no requirement (in most cases) to have mains powered alarms so your own £10 alarm resolves the problem. There is also no requirement to have a heat alarm** (that will likely be a freehold issue).

    Battery powered alarms work just as well - the only issue is that people disconnect them. The sensors (in good alarms) are identical. What is your main concern here? **People in Wales might be considered to be more likely to disable batteries in alarms - so the rules may differ there... and they do.

    You have given a good example of why mains powered alarms can actually be less safe (and cause delays in fixing)...


      Correctly installed mains ones are interlinked (it is the linking of alarms that saves lives more than having stand alone ones).

      What make of alarms do you have, some (like Aico) require ONLY 9v Duracell or Energiser batteries to function as per manufacturer instructions.


        Although I have perfectly good interlinked non-mains ones. The risk of total-system-failure is far greater with mains-only alarms versus 4 or 5 separate (decent quality) battery powered ones. The ONLY safety advantage of mains alarms is protection against user negligence (which is a factor).


          Thanks Andrew. Wales tends to be behind with bringing in health and safety regs so they must think Welsh tenants are more responsible, else less worth saving!

          My main concern is to get through to the other side of pandemic wherein I can safely have people at home to support me when the aggressive landlord or his slightly less aggressive electrician come around to deal with issues. (long stories). Balanced against that genuine urgent safety repairs need to be addressed.

          It is a 2 flat conversion in a terraced house, landlord is sole Freeholder of the building. Possibly a s257 HMO but council would need to do their investigations to declare it so, thus I think we can proceed on the basis that it isn't. Both flats have separate entrances, no communal space. I live upstairs. Afaik there is no mains interlinked fire alarm system downstairs in fact I have never heard any smoke alarm being tested or going off with the burnt toast.

          I would be happy to leave it with the £10 alarm for now but the landlord wants to escalate the matter. First threatened to force entry without court order if I didn't let him in on day X at time Y. I have offered various resolutions, latest was me to instruct the electrician who installed my cooker and with his agreement deduct it from the rent. He wasn't happy with that and his immediate response to the email was he was going to take legal action.

          He insists on attending with the electrician and doing inspection and EICR at the same time, won't do it separate, so if I have 2 people to support me that's 5 people in my flat when virus rates are still heading in the wrong direction.

          I have looked up the EICR Welsh regs and it isn't compulsory yet for a non HMO so that can wait I think?

          To avoid a silly stressful expensive legal battle or him breaking in I would consider paying for my own electrician to fix the mains alarm which may be expensive but I have already paid out close to £100 in indoor security cameras after his threats to force entry. But therein lies the issue of permission.



            It's an Aico Ei144RC. I have already tried replace with brand new Duracell battery exact as specified on the alarm unit and still intermittently beeps and flashes red. Unless its a bad battery I guess.


              PS the EICR was done almost exactly 5 years ago.

              I am also wondering as the main part of the unit is detachable and slides off if it is possible to try just replace that? Then it would be just a case of a trip down the DIY store and me paying for that.

              The other point I noted when googling was that heat alarms are slower to respond than smoke alarms. Therefore my stand alone smoke alarm would go off before the heat alarm. Though of course it won't set off the 2 interlinked.


                Originally posted by KeepTheFaith View Post
                My main concern is to get through to the other side of pandemic wherein I can safely have people at home to support me when the aggressive landlord or his slightly less aggressive electrician come around to deal with issues. (long stories). Balanced against that genuine urgent safety repairs need to be addressed.
                Because you seem to have blocked your profile in some way, nobody can get to see what it is you are talking about by finding your previous threads. Therefore you should not start any new ones.

                I recall there is a lot of past stuff (complaints from neighbours, other prevention of repairs and assessment, and most importantly that you are an assured tenant)

                The main point of the interlinking is to protect others - not you. Not sure why they (the other flat that keeps complaining) should be placed at extra risk??


                  An Aico EI 144 is mounted on a base and is replacable with another of the same model, they do the same ones now.

                  Does the existing detector have a green LED light on it- there should be if the mains supply is OK.

                  It may be beeping as it has lost the mains power and the battery has ran out. Do the others have a green LED on them and are they all Aico ones- you are not permitted to mix and match brands as detectors can go on fire if different brands are used.


                    Thanks. All 3 alarms are Aico. All 3 have a green solid LED ie including the non functional heat alarm. Pressing the test button makes a continuous shrill like noise but it doesn't set off the other 2 alarms. Testing the other 2 alarms makes the usual test alarm noise "beep, beep, beep, beep" in succession followed by the other functioning alarm responding and lighting up green.

                    The functioning alarms also flash red 1 quick flash every 30 seconds also which I thought was normal? (I *think* they have always done that).

                    If it can be fixed by replacing the 'slide on' detachable unit can that be done by as a DIY job?

                    Another option I have is friend's dad who is a retired electrician so he could change the unit so that might be an answer if it is non certify-able works? (Though again it's a covid risk for him and me, it's a matter of weighing up all the risks).


                      It's just a case of changing the head- there is no wiring involved as the live wires are sealed inside the back plate.

                      Follow the instructions on the unit, put the power off.

                      How old are the existing detectors ?
                      There are replace by dates on the units (label on the side)


                        Thanks so much. The old units say to replace July 2026. I found the unit at screwfix:


                        Hopefully that will resolve it then that's one issue resolved then he can do the EICR when the virus rates subside sufficiently I think I am going to offer him that as a resolution even if it means I pay for it and don't get it back I can live with that.


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