Domestic Electrical Installation Cert vs. EICR

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    Domestic Electrical Installation Cert vs. EICR

    Hi there,

    Currently purchasing a property that will be rented out.
    Had a full rewire 3 years ago and was issued with a Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate at the time.

    Based on the regs, do I also need an EICR before the new tenancy or will the existing certificate of the full rewire be sufficient.

    Thanks in advance,

    The EIC is fine, it proves the install complies.


      Thank you. So based on this an EICR would not be required until 5 years total, or will an EICR be needed for every new tenancy? Thanks again


        that depends on what it says on the cert. For example, if your electrician (or more likely letting agent) was looking to make money, he might have written something like this:

        If he has, you'll have no choice but to do it again according to the expiry date, and next time make sure your electrician gives you the full five years validity.

        However, if it says something like this

        The max validity now will be five years from the date the cert was issued and not the full ten.

        You don't need to do one each time the tenant changes - at least as far as I understand from the legislation I've read. If you have an agent though, they may insist on it to cover their backs.

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