Old alarm system - replace or repair?

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    Old alarm system - replace or repair?

    Hi all

    victorian mid terrace converted into 4 flats. We are all both lease and freeholders.

    There is a communal hall and stairs. Old defunct Titan wired alarm system and emergency lighting. From these I gather a fire risk assessment was carried out at some point in the past but none of my coowners has any knowledge or documents.

    1) are there alternative systems to the wired alarm available and acceptable, I would imagine there is lots with multiple battery powered alarms connected by radio/WiFi etc. easy to install and probably cheaper than repairing the old system.

    2) is it sufficient to put the wired alarm system in working order or replace it if possible and not have any document proving that we ever had a fire risk assessment?

    thank you very much for your advice.


    If it is a wired system then it can be replaced with similar- they may be able to use the same wiring .

    You need a company that knows their stuff.


      I do know the colour of fire wiring was changed by legislation.

      When a Fire Risk Assessment is done, the competent person can only report on what he/she can actually see - so any older wiring within walls, ceilings and roof spaces may well be donkeys years old and still in use.

      However, the moment you physically remove a sensor, you can see the colour of the wiring.

      I did make an enquiry with my local Housing Team about a possible HMO conversion I was looking at - and they wrote back stating that a battery-operated LINKED system would be acceptable to them.

      Of course, what they say as unqualified fire installation technicians and what your insurance company (or judge) would say following a fire is another matter.

      Get the pros in, get it all documented (and involve the Council for good measure (belts and braces)


        You can't have a wireless or fully battery fire alarm system, you would need to have one which is hard wired with a back-up battery system.


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