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    Flue pipe inspection access

    Hello, I could really do with some advice relating to flue pipes. If you could advise it would be really appreciated.

    We are leaseholders on the top floor of a small 7 property new build (completed Nov 18).

    The flats below have had their boiler warranties voided because the flue pipes were not installed correctly (leaking in one case) and don't have enough inspection hatches (their flue pipes run horizontally through their properties) to satisfy Valiant.
    They have been recommended to to use their boilers in the meantime.

    We are due for an inspection, however as we are on the top floor, the flue pipe is in a sealed off roof space, with no access hatch. The freeholder owns the roof space and everything above our ceiling.

    The only way we could access the space is to cut a hole in the ceiling.
    If we need access for repairs or inspection, who is responsible for providing access?
    Does the freeholder have any grounds for refusing access?
    Should an access hatch be required, would the cost of installation fall to the freeholder, the leaseholder of the property beneath, or all of the leaseholders?

    On a separate note, inspections by three separate companies have stated the flue pipes were not installed correctly, but were signed off. The individual who signed the flue pipes off is no longer with gas safe or working in the industry.
    The warranty provider (AHCI) has said this is not something they cover, as it's an internal problem and between the developer and the leaseholders, and the developer has said that repairs are responsibility of the leaseholder and possibly in the warranty. The build is 19 months old. Who would you suggest is responsible in this case?

    Thanks again!

    The builder 100% .
    Get this dealt with urgently. Ask gas Safe, environmental health, local housing officer, management co , health &safety inspectorate and anyone else you can think of.


      I've had a property where the gas inspector has every year indicated that the flue access is too small and marked it as a non-urgent item on the certificate (and made it clear that the tenant was OK to continue to use the gas).

      The builder who fitted the kitchen was someone I know quite well and trust and he's absolutely adamant that it's built to a proper spec and within building regs and says that the gas fitters doing the testing are wrong.

      Eventually, I got the test done by someone new who never mentioned the issue, so I'd guess the previous fitters were simply reading it off the previous certificate.

      So I'd query whether what they're saying is correct, based on that experience.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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