Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020

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    Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020

    Morning Chaps

    What are your thoughts on the below...

    Flat 1 - Tenants moved in Feb 20. Electrical installation Condition report in Jan 20. Passed
    Flat 2 - Tenants moved in Oct 19. Electrical installation Condition report in Sep 19. Failed on the below

    1 4.9 No rcd protection C3 Consumer unit
    2 4.11 a)No circuit chart C3 Consumer unit
    3 4.11 b)No labels C3 Consumer unit
    4 4.17No rcd protection C2 Consumer unit
    5 5.11 a)No rcd protection C3 Sockets
    6 5.11 c)No rcd protection C3 Walls
    7 5.11 d)No rcd protection C3 Walls
    8 5.11 e)No rcd protection C3 Lighting
    9 5.17No ring continuity to the sockets C2 Kitchen
    10 6.3 a)No labels C3 Consumer unit
    11 8.1 a)No rcd protection C2 Bathroom
    12 8.1 b)No rcd protection C3 Bathroom
    13 8.4 No supplementary bonding C2 Bathroom
    14 Hallway smoke alarm out of date C3 Hallway

    Remedial work quoted & authorised. Done Sep 19

    To install a new fire rated RCD protected consumer unit/ test all circuits for safety. Code C2 £485.00
    To re-connect all sockets /Lights/switches to eliminate potential fire hazards. Code C2 £165.00
    To replace the smoke alarm to the hallway which is outside the Bedrooms. Code C3 £65.00

    Was issued a Compliance Certificate for a replacement consumer unit in Oct 19.

    Now Agent has informed me that the new regs will require a new report.

    Key dates / when the regulation will apply
    Apply to all new tenancies in England from 1st July 2020
    Apply to all existing tenancies in England from 1st April 2021

    Question : Will I need a new report? Or when existing tenancy renewal in Oct 20 & Jan21?

    Please don't misunderstand me, I fully support these regulations and ensure my properties are safe for my tenants. However I feel that the Electrical company seem to be taking this opportunity to create business and redo all the reports. They have quoted £210 (for up to 6 circuits). I'm thinking it's not worth all this hassle arguing for £210 (X2) however flats don't get much rent so % wise this is a large amount.

    When I have queried this with the agent, they have simply stated that they have been told its a new regulation and that all circuits in the CU have to be tested. Reading the government link below it doesn't state that new circuits needs to be stated but I assume its the interpretation of the Electricians. There are also mentions of this regulation needs to comply with the latest 18th Edition.


    NAPIT Link below - interesting questions below
    * Does my electrical installation need to comply with the 18th edition of the Wiring Regulations?
    * If my property already has a satisfactory Electrical Installation Safety Report which is less than 5 years old, do I
    have to get another one done to the 18th edition of the Wiring Regulations Standard?


    Surely you just pass on costs to consumers? That is the way all other transactions operate.

    Sadly a lot of the legislation has nothing to do with the interests of tenants or ensuring that [your] "properties are safe for my tenants". The number of cases of tenant electrocution is approaching zero, and the number prevented by this legislation even closer to zero. But the price to be paid will be high, and as you suggest there are plenty of middlemen who take advantage of tenants and landlords.

    Your agent is probably taking a kickback too (obviously indirectly from the tenants). Suggest you arrange these things yourself.


      Pass on to consumer? I'm the landlord and am happy to get works done, are you suggesting to pass the cost on to the tenants?

      It's interesting your point on kickbacks. I know the agent gets £45 for each report. I have a quote from the Electrical company last year for the EICR.

      From what I understand from the new regulations, I will need to get a report when the tenancy are renewal. I think this makes sense as it captures new tenancies and ensure the new regulations are implemented.

      Just wanted to see if my understanding is correct


        Originally posted by Callmedude View Post
        Pass on to consumer?
        They pay higher rent eventually (or their successors do). How else do you think it happens?


          Just wondering if anyone else have any thoughts on the new regulations?


            As per usual this legislation is not thought through

            We have a similar thing in Scotland, the difference is that a satisfactory EICR is required- not that the install should be compliant with the 18th Edition

            We carry out EICR's for a main part of our business.


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