Electrical safety inspection and report - Remedial costs

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    I would recommend replacing the older Wylex one anyway

    I use Hager because they are good
    I am fairly certain the new Hager RCBO's will fit that unit.
    Try searching ADA332G for the catalouge number, they are less than £30 each including VAT

    You could email Hager the photo of the unit and ask if the new RCBO's will fit technical@hager.co.uk

    The guy that inspected used a 'domestic installer' sticker, there are 2 levels of electrical firm in England / Wales- Approved Contractor (full scope) and Domestic Installer (part scope)

    Many (not all) domestic installers are NOT apprentice trained - a few weeks at college and on to the job (unsupervised)

    Have a look at the competent persons website



      Which unit would recommend to replace the Wylex in Flat 1?

      Is the Hager unit in Flat 2 need to be replaced?

      Thank you for any info


        I'm having mine done tomorrow, 2 bed property, old fuse box and earthed to the water main. To put in a new compliant unit, earth rod and to earth gas and water £320. This is the North West so will be cheaper but not by that much.


          I'm not an electrician but have done the C&G inspect and test course. Neither of the boards probably 'need' replacing, but MCBs/RCDs or RCBO's would make things much safer.

          If they were mine, normally I would go for replace the Wylex board and swap out for RCBO's in the Hager, as per recommended by Bald Electrician.

          The only problem might be if the new legislation coming in England remains a balls up, so it might be better to actually swap out the Hager board for a new metal one. A fully loaded split rcd board will probably be cheaper than RCBO's and it would prevent further trouble with domestic installers further down the road.


            Board wise loaded MK sentries are quite cheap, and the knockouts work well.


              Originally posted by andybenw View Post
              Board wise loaded MK sentries are quite cheap, and the knockouts work well.
              They are cheap for 2 reasons
              1. MK no longer make consumer units (December last year)
              2. MK used to be quite good (I installed them for years), they are now pants poor (in my personal opinion)
              3. Spares will no longer be available


                I have had two more electricians visit one of the flats (Property No 2) and he says the first electrician was over quoting what had to be done to pass it, that an RCBO was not needed or a new unit. Saying that he could upgrade the unit with an RCD, change the fuses etc and get the two other smaller jobs done with a certificate for £850. vs what the first electrician quoted at 1,320 + 250 (the powerpoint to the power shower wasn't powerful enough apparently) = £1,570. So that's almost half the price.

                Also, the report the first electrician did, wrote the wrong address for each report, ie. he mixed them up. Doesn't that invalidate them?

                Waiting for the third electrician to visit and come back with their quote.


                  Third electrician had this to say about the report done by the first electrician:

                  The one you had done, had these following issues:

                  Addresses filled in incorrect boxes. Client/Site.
                  Limitations not observed or noted.
                  Observations limited to ONLY the consumer unit.
                  No extent of sampling identified. 100%?
                  No comment on earthing & bonding.
                  Supply polarity not tested.
                  No listing of main switch BS No. Rating.
                  Check box for generating sets or secondary supplies ticked despite no PV array.
                  Schedule of items inspected does not at all reflect to the installation I inspected briefly.
                  Circuits not adequately detailed or labelled.
                  No R1+R2 tests done.
                  No insulation resistance tests.

                  *this list is not all that is missing from the prior EICR.

                  So we've paid for a pretty much a worthless and invalid report.


                    Where are you finding your electricians?


                      Originally posted by Mrs Mug View Post
                      Where are you finding your electricians?
                      Checkatrade and NIC EIC website


                        Originally posted by Diversity View Post

                        Checkatrade and NIC EIC website
                        I personally do not recommend these Check Trade, My Builder, My Hammer types of sites as they have no technical back up

                        NICEIC and SELECT have guarantee on works where the other 'rating' sites just say buyer beware- not our problem


                          I'm planning to go with NAPIT listed people as NAPIT guidance is helpful for landlords.


                            Do you mean that the NICEIC guarantees the works it's registered members undertake? Do you have a link?




                                Ok, thanks


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