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    Originally posted by JK0 View Post
    Just had an estimate of £2404 for mine in London.
    Was this for just one flat, how many bedrooms and what did this estimate include, scope of works?


      Originally posted by baldelectrician View Post
      Thanks. Some reading to do. Is there a register online to check if an Electrician is qualified etc?


        Originally posted by Stew View Post

        I like the bit I've seen about the contractor needing two years experience which suggests it's experience that counts as to what is safe and what is not.
        How does one check an electrician has 2+ years experience, a register of qualified electricians?


          Originally posted by Diversity View Post

          Was this for just one flat, how many bedrooms and what did this estimate include, scope of works?
          It's for rectifying the 'faults' in this EICR. (5 bedroom, 3 storey terraced house.)

          Originally posted by JK0 View Post
          I thought you guys might be interested to see the EICR I received today. You may notice the C2 listed for the consumer unit presumably because it isn't metal.docu0024.jpg


            Originally posted by JK0 View Post

            It's for rectifying the 'faults' in this EICR. (5 bedroom, 3 storey terraced house.)
            Can't read it, could you post a higher resolution image?


              I asked the electrician: what does rcbo stand for, what is it exactly, do you have a link to it.

              His reply...

              Rcbo is the circuit breaker that we have to used base on the present regulations which all new fused board fitted have to be rcbo protected for risk of shock

              Rcbo means Residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection


                Originally posted by Diversity View Post

                Can't read it, could you post a higher resolution image?
                Click on the arrow.



                  I would query that with your electrician there is nothing wrong with an RCD board with MCB's which in my view is cheaper than a board with RCBO's

                  Where I have seen RCBO's fitted previously was to retrofit them to an existing board to give protection rather than swapping a whole CU. It does not make sense to me to be fitting a new board with all the breakers being RCBO's due to the cost (unless your contractor is getting them cheap or has some in stock already)

                  I also think you should ask your electrician to high-light where the classification codes have come from and match them to the excellent guide the electrician posted on here as it would seem there is a lot of recommendations that people need to upgrade CU's to pass the test when in fact it seems they don't need to.

                  Just my personal view

                  All the best


                    Stew, have you heard the saying: 'Put beggars on horseback & they'll bl**dy well ride'?

                    Electricians have been given the power to decide if a landlord can continue to let his property, by condemning perfectly good equipment, that they can charge many hundreds of pounds to replace.

                    And you are surprised that perfectly good equipment is then condemned?


                      Being honest no I had never heard that saying, but I just looked it up and I understand what you mean,

                      Not suprised but equally I know there will be a number of electricians that try and use this to generate work and some that are honest and genuine, with any trade I think it's worth doing some investigation before employing one. The BaldElectrician that provided the information that will be useful to many many people who get caught in the same situation I'm very grateful for that.

                      Not specific to any one trade I have found over the years that many people will try and take advantage of any one persons lack of knowledge. In this instance though the impacts are much wider with the 30k fine but for me also raises that case that electricans who abuse this should be struck off (unless it was a genuine mistake) however the two year rules attempt to stop lack of experience creating this situation. Equally I don't see why a consumer cannot claim back all EICR fees if the report is clearly identifying area's for work outside of the guidelines. To do this I consider though the consumer would need a written report alongside which have the reason for a C2 or C1 being awarded.

                      For instance there was a writer that mentioned only because the room was effectively fireproofed was he able to pass the test, when in fact the fact that a plastic or non fireproof CU can be in any room or under the stairs and only get at a max a C3. If it is not in an escape route or under the stairs then is cannot even be registered as a C1-3 and should not appear on the report. The writer was of the view that the electrician was really exacting but looking at the regs posted the electrician is actually wrong if he was suggesting it would have been a C2 if the room was not fireproofed (I don't know all the details so making some assumptions there).

                      Unless I've misread your EICR's that you posted what will you do in your situation will you enagage another electrician or just pay/debate the work with the current person? As far as I understand you have 28 days to rectifiy or equally I think you can raise a case with your local council or the electricians cert scheme.?

                      I've gone on long enough, I was just trying to draw attention to the excellent guide advised by the BaldElectrician

                      It provided the answers to everything I already thought from reading the regs but had never actually seen documented examples in such a clear text. The most important words are the 3rd paragraph on page 3 in the section 1 Introduction, the rest of the guide goes on to provide clear examples that support this.

                      For those reading just don't be scared to question when you are told to upgrade a CU because it's not a metal one. Loking at the guide It does not have to be a metal one to pass a EICR.

                      Just my personal view apologies if I've miss-quoted anyone.

                      All the best Stew..


                        Thanks Stew.

                        I've just told the guy to get on with it. Frankly life is too short to worry about it. The guy will get his comeuppance when he's reincarnated as a cockroach.


                          That made me laugh,,,, I've yet to find the balance that you have, maybe one day


                            Many landlords will have sought to improve EPC by upgrading lighting from recessed halogen dichroic to recessed LED fittings. The 18th Edition does for example recommend fire hats be installed and an anti surge device or devices into the installation. These are new requirements; and although your board may not need to be changed these are, properly, to be added.........


                              Originally posted by darkstar View Post
                              What consumer unit is in place at the moment?
                              It maybe that the current one is sufficient with a code3 on the EICR
                              Got the tenants to send photos of the units..

                              Flat 1 unit: WYLEX CAT. NO. 804/N BS5486: Pt 13 MADE IN UK

                              Flat 2 unit: HAGER

                              The unit in Flat 1 looks pretty old. The one in Flat 2 looks newer, about 12 years old
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                                Originally posted by baldelectrician View Post
                                What make is he using?
                                He hasn't said or given details. He's a bit vague, which is kind of dubious.

                                Please see post above for the units that are in place currently.

                                Also, another pic of Flat 2 unit with cover on..
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