NAPIT Guidance on New Electrical Certification requirements

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  • JK0
    I've come to the conclusion that it will be simpler all round if I just get all properties upgraded to 2018 spec as far as possible, to avoid argument, and repeat attendances.

    Pricey, (£1k per flat) so far, but I honestly believe there is little option. Tax man will be hard up next year!

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  • MdeB
    • It says "Any Electrical Inspector you employ to undertake the electrical inspection and testing within your property must have:
      • At least two years’ experience in carrying out periodic inspection and testing."
    How are those two years experience to be obtained if newcomers are not allowed to do periodic inspections and tests?
    • Are they offering to cover penalties imposed on LLs if their interpretation is found by a court to be incorrect (in particular their interpretation of "comply with 18th Edition")?

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  • NAPIT Guidance on New Electrical Certification requirements

    Very clear guidance on the LLs responsibility under the new legislation - not sure how we get electricians in at the moment....

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