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    Originally posted by Stew View Post

    So as far as I understand these are not new regulations and are an extension of the previous regulations being applied to HMO's (with some differences) , in that regard there must be plently of HMO's that were certified with C3's.
    Sorry but what does C1, C2 and C3 refer to?


      C1- Immediately dangerous
      C2- Potentially dangerous
      C3- Not to current standards

      The old regs required summlimentary bonding (bond cable from heating pipe > lighting circuit > shower circuit ...), in other words the items in the bathroom that could become live in the event of a fault were connected by local supplimentary bonding and therefore at the same 'potential' .
      You only get a shock of there is a difference of potential

      The last regs let you omit supplimentary bonding if RCD's were present for all items in the bathroom.


      See page 12 - top right side



        many thanks for posting that PDF link on the other thread it really sheds light on what is/isn't allowed in terms of ECGR ratings, very helpful, I will use that as a reference to share and discuss with any electricians. I had been searching high and low to find in more detail real examples of the ratings that could for instance be given to older CU's.

        JK0 while I'm not an electrician that guide posted suggests that your ECGR results are wrong,,, I say suggests as it's hard without seeing the install and speaking to the electrician what was in his/her mind when you got the C2 for the older CU. For instance the board could be damaged. But definately worth taking more advice before spending out I think

        All just my personal view


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        • Reply to Electrical Work and EICR
          by Neelix
          My advice to you is not to use the management companies sparks

          a flat would be between £120 and £150 but remember that’s just to inspect and test, if you get C1 or C2 codes then remedial costs would be on top

          as for your quotes - £100 for a fan replacement is probably...
          13-06-2021, 19:47 PM
        • Electrical Work and EICR
          by popotla
          I own a small flat in the East Midlands (rented out) and am told by the management company that electrical work needs doing.

          I was given an estimate and then asked for another. Between the two estimates, the costs, as regards four items, vary hugely. A new fan, for example would cost either...
          13-06-2021, 17:55 PM
        • Consumer unit
          by billl
          Hi I have an issue come up when I had a new kitchen fitted, the builder brought in an electrician to connect the kitchen wiring and he had the attached comments. And is asking for £180 for a condition report which includes Electrical inspection, Electrical testing and Full report with certificate ECR....
          12-06-2021, 12:14 PM
        • Reply to Consumer unit
          by Neelix
          Back to the op, £180 in London isn’t much for an EICR so before you give the go ahead to the spark ask him how long he will be in the property? If he says about 1 hour then don’t use him....
          13-06-2021, 08:09 AM
        • Reply to Consumer unit
          by jpucng62
          There is quite a lot of time / work involved in the EICR so I'm not surprised at the £180. He can't know the scope of the problem without doing this. What comes next will depend on what he finds. It sounds like you could be in for a large bill bill you need to get this sorted and what price safety?...
          13-06-2021, 06:08 AM
        • Reply to Consumer unit
          by billl
          Thank you both for your advice, I just went with what the management agent recommended builder. This is the second time and has not worked out well. I have asked the current electrician if he is a full scope Approved Contractor, Thanks

          The electrician is insisting to have a condition...
          12-06-2021, 22:10 PM
        • Reply to Consumer unit
          by baldelectrician
          I agree- I get most of my work from word of mouth and existing customers....
          12-06-2021, 21:02 PM
        • Reply to Consumer unit
          by baldelectrician
          Use a fully approoved contractor.

          Part P only is not fully time (apprenticeship) served usually

          I would suggest a full scope Approved Contractor (either NICEIC or ECA)
          12-06-2021, 21:01 PM
        • Reply to Consumer unit
          by Neelix
          problem is there no guarantees with trades people , they claim all sorts of things BUT as somebody who gets nearly all their work by word of mouth recommendation, I would say this is the way you should go

          remember some trade sites do not publish bad reviews , and as you can see from your...
          12-06-2021, 19:40 PM
        • Reply to Consumer unit
          by billl
          Thank you Baldelectrician, what check should I do before instructing a electrician?
          12-06-2021, 19:13 PM