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    Bit of an unusual question here, Gas Safety Cert was due, on a partly managed property both the Agent and ourselves tried phoning and emailing
    the tenant
    two weeks before gas cert expiry, but got no response, so kept trying, the gas cert expired, and the tenant contacted agent to say boiler not working, but out of warranty (its a three year old Ideal with 7 year warranty) now as service should have been done with gas cert by our engineer, Ideal want 125£ to service and fix the boiler. We have been told the tenant has changed their number and not told anyone.
    So, cannot get gas cert done until boiler fixed
    Question is: as access was problematic in being obtained, can we request the tenant pays the £125.00 ideal service fee?, or do we pay it, and charge back to the tenant?

    Landlord responsibility to ensure heating works & GSC done promptly (you have failed the latter). You could later ask tenant to pay, but I doubt any court of deposit scheme would permit that.

    Why not go to property yourself to let engineer in? Simply write informing tenant that's what's planned. It's the landlord who may get fined, up to £6k, for failure. Here's a report of a landlord getting a £1k fine & suspended prison sentence.
    And another, over £2k

    Your choice!
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      You have to pay all costs related to the repair of the boiler

      You could try and recoup the cost from the tenant but may fail to do so.

      You could, however put the rent up by £15 a month which will recoup your costs in less than a year


        Yes, realise some of it is down to us now, so we will pay the boiler fix, and get gas safety done asap, the tenancy started on feb 2017, so guess its due for an increase, its £725.00 per month for a three bed semi in a nicer part of Birmingham, we are doing an inspection this coming saturday.


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