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    Housing act 2004

    I have received a letter from a housing officer under housing act 2004.
    my tanent has not paid me rent for over a year she is
    a council tanent she complained to council that she did not
    receive possession order paperwork etc whereas bailiffs are going to vacate on 21 Jan 2020.

    council officer visited the property without any notice
    he attended to enter the next door studio flat whichI am the
    owner the tanent did not allow him so they wrote a letter
    under act 2004 to inspect the studio .
    There is no problem with the studio tanent and he did not
    make any complain he is a full time working good tanent .
    he is been threatened by the council officer of criminal charges .
    therefore he is vacating this means loss if rent to me .

    mall because of council tanent who is not paying rent I had added legal cost to gain possession order which took 1 year .

    I am very told housing benefit department does this kind of stuff and takes over the management of the property forcefully.
    bailiffs will not be able to vacate of housing benefit interferes .
    this means further loss to me .
    what should I do .

    I should write back that you are on holiday until 22nd. They are welcome to inspect on 22nd. No need to mention that this will be the day after bailiffs come.


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