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    I believe the switches don't require replacing unless you are also replacing the consumer unit, (or how have we all managed not to be electrocuted for the last 55 years? )

    Why don't you check inside the switch boxes? I bet you find the screws are already insulated in some way.


      FTA Kenny:

      I would send the council the electrical condition report you already have. If they ask for it to be upgraded, I would ask the writer to meet you on site to show you how the council owned flats have been upgraded. I bet you never hear another word on the subject.


        The C3 codes are just advisory-

        For example you could have had the consumer unit changed 4 years ago and it is plastic, this would be a C3.

        The Hager switches are plastic (and therefore class II), the Hager switches come with 2 plastic screw covers which will prevent someone touching the screws. If you want to be anal about the screw covers then a small dab of no more nails would help.

        The BPG link gives guidance on how to deal with consumer unit changes where there is no cpc (earth) on the lighting circuit.

        You have to make sure the light fittings are class II as well.


          Having just read a post in another area about electrics I can see why this is necessary. The poster is querying an electricians estimate which includes a rewire; new fuse box and EICR on the grounds that the 1970s bungalow he has just bought was being lived in so can't possibly need all this work!

          If we don't want Govt to over regulate us we have to show we are all being responsible LLs and I'm afraid that just isn't the case at the moment


            I had a EICR on a large house in 2012, Electrician said we need a new consumer unit, existing one was 25 years old... Fair enough. I contacting him last week and asked what would be needed to get the house through 2018 edition and he said new consumer units and the sunken ceiling lights need fire hoods throughout the house; so it is clear that different electricians are going to interpret what is required differently. The anti surge requirements he says have only gone in because very very occasionally suppliers get sued as a result of a spike causing customers LED equipment to go pop.


              Originally posted by JK0 View Post
              I how have we all managed not to be electrocuted for the last 55 years?
              We haven't all been electrocuted in the last 55 years because the potential failure mode of live wire contacting an unearthed metal box has not occurred as an actual failure in most cases.

              That does not mean there has not been death or injury over that period due to instances of this failure mode.

              I have received "tingles" from such failures several times in my life


                I have just become aware of the "Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments" at (thanks to a pointer from a comment to a Nearly Legal article).

                I don't know if it is too late to send them your concerns over the proposed regulations.
                That Nearly Legal comment pointed to a reply from the government to issues raised by a Lords committee on Statutory Instruments, but they appear not to have identified the issues around 3(1)(a).


                  Originally posted by MdeB View Post
                  I don't know if it is too late to send them your concerns over the proposed regulations.
                  It is too late because they have already considers the proposals, just as the Lords have considered them, and neither raised the issues that landlords see.

                  What can now be done is to contact your MP and ask him/her to speak on the debate and raise your concerns, and contact a member of the Lords who has an interest in such things, so that he/she might speak on the concerns (I shall be doing both).

                  The following is the reply I received:
                  Thanks for contacting JCSI and highlighting your concerns about this statutory instrument. I am the Commons Clerk of the Committee.

                  You may find it helpful if I set out the different parliamentary scrutiny processes that draft statutory instruments go through and where this instrument is in the process.

                  JCSI scrutiny
                  JCSI provides technical scrutiny of the drafting of statutory instruments and does not look at policy (see our web pages for more information). The instrument you raise concerns about was considered by the Committee last week and no concerns about the instrument were raised.

                  SLSC scrutiny
                  The Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee is a Lords Committee that looks at the policy merits of statutory instruments. It has also considered this instrument and wrote to the Government with some questions about the instrument – see para 14 and appendix 1 of its fourth report for these questions, the Government’s response and the Committee’s final comments.

                  Debate in the House of Commons
                  This instrument will be debated in either a delegated legislation committee or on the floor of the House before the House is asked to approve the instrument. A date for its debate has not yet been set. You could contact your local MP to highlight your concerns and ask them to speak in the debate.

                  Debate in the House of Lords
                  The instrument will also be debated in the House of Lords before the House is asked to approve it. You could contact a member of the Lords who speaks on these issues to raise your concerns.


                    There is an IET thread about this. A large amount responding to the thread are all writing to their MP's. Someone has just pointed out that April 2020 has now moved to June 2020 "for another round of meetings. Presumably (IMO) so a few changes can be made, and I'd imagine that being changes to the bringing everything up to 2018 standards bit.


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