4 Story 6 Bed HMO Fire Detection System Requirements

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    4 Story 6 Bed HMO Fire Detection System Requirements

    Hello All,

    New HMO landlord seeking some fire detection system advice.

    We currently have a grade D2 system installed in a 4 story, 6 bed HMO. The council officer visited the property and confirmed this system is satisfactory if we add a smoke alarm to the living room. However, after conducting the fire risk assessment the fire safety company who completed the FRA noted that we should upgrade our entire system to a Grade A LD2 system throughout the entire property. They advised they could do the work for a pretty large sum.

    It is not absolutely clear, when reading BS5839-6 2019 whether we need to make this upgrade to a Grade A LD2 throughout or whether we can stick with our current D2 system and remain compliant.

    I would really appreciate any views from other landlords out there.


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