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    2 or 3 stories

    I have been given a upgrade order by the council stating fire hazard 1. The inspector insists because the building is 3 stories, ii have to install an interlinked wired fire alarm system.
    I have 2 flats over 2 floors and an attic that has been boarded out in to 2 rooms but on the orders of a previous inspection was locked out of use and unable to be used. There is no electric or heating in the attic. My question is can I appeal the decision that it is 3 stories or 2 stories with an attic.

    I am perplexed you look for ways to circumvent installing the interlinked wired fire alarm system. If this has been recommended (now ordered) I suggest you install it. Potentially we are speaking about people's lives and, from your point of view, liability should something happen and you have failed to comply with the order.

    Incidentally, there does not need to be an order for you to be liable but this would add weight to any claim.


      I understand about liability vmart, but I only rent to social so don't get much rent and the interlinked system is very expensive. If normal smoke and heat detectors (battery) is good for 2 stories I don't see how I am endangering people's lives, which of course I take very seriously. The question still remains is it a 2 or 3 story house?


        Originally posted by Paulpopb View Post
        I only rent to social so don't get much rent and the interlinked system is very expensive.
        That statement would seem to indicate you think that if you rented to 'Workers' then their safety would somehow be more important?

        You have three usable stories.
        You have been ordered not to use one of them, (why was that BTW, fire risk perhaps?), but it's still 3 stories.


          You have legal and moral responsibilities as a landlord - financial considerations will be no defence if something happens. In this event, you will incur significant costs and stress and perhaps even serve a custodial sentence.

          You have been served an Order to install an interlinked system - I suggest you do it post haste to protect residents and yourself!

          If you want to find out if you can appeal contact the authority that issued the order and ask them. However as nukecad pointed out 'you have three usable stories'. Just because the attic is not used does not change the number of storeys in the building.

          If you are not capitalising on your assets to make sufficient profit to make the business viable consider what you might do to change this. You could bring the attic up to standard so you can let it out for instance.


            I agree with vsmart. You have been ordered to proceed with high priority works by the local council and you are arguing?

            I recall having an interlinked smoke detector in a cellar which was emptyand was hardly ever used . The detector was activated by a faulty connection on the electric into the house and prevented a potential fire.

            You should fit the detectors where instructed


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