Nightmare re Electricity Supply to Flat

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    Nightmare re Electricity Supply to Flat

    I bought a BTL flat at auction (Yes - I knew there were risks etc.)

    I had an EICR done which rectified everything in the flat that was required, but noted that the supply to the flat itself was bypassing the meter, and so were 4 of the other 7 flats in the converted house (2 of which are subdivisions, which are being enforced against for planning breach). Quite rightly, my Letting Agents say they will not put a tenant in my flat until the this is rectified as it presents a fire risk.

    I asked British Gas to install an Electricity Meter to my flat and they would not do so, due to the set up. They advised that no Service Provider will until it is rectified. They referred me back to UK Power Networks.

    I asked UK Power Networks to either rectify the current arrangement, or install a new supply to my own flat. However, they say (i) they will not install an additional supply to one converted building and (ii) they will not change the current set-up unless instructed by the Freeholder. The Freeholder is not contactable. He provided a correspondence address only to the vendor's solicitors so he could claim ground rent due for the last six years. Other than that, nobody has been able to find him.

    So I am stuck with a flat on which I have paid council tax, which is refurbished and ready to let, but I cannot put a tenant in until I find a way to legalise the electricity supply. Can anybody suggest a way forward?

    The by passing of the meter = theft of electric, a criminal offence.

    Get on to National Grid and the local police and explain the circumstances. I have done this in similar situation in the past and got a good result.

    Often in these cases cannabis is being grown from the free supply so use this as a tool to get interest from NG etc. Also report the to council as there is a high chance the other tenants are on benefits and if there are children present this is a dangerous situation.

    You will need to let NG into the property or they will need a court order to enter and you may have to push to get this.

    If a property is cheap at auction there is a good reason. You found it!

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Call your local distributor- short code 105
      Ask them to carry out a check for safety- they are legally obliged to attend

      Call them up and quote the 'The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002'

      This is statute and it is their legal obligation to carry out their duty.
      Require them to log the incident and give you an incident reference number.

      I carry out electrical inspections for a living and used to have to point out the legal requirements to Scottish Power (the DNO up here)- they have tightened things up somewhat and I do not have to point things out or chase things up as much now.

      Equipment on a consumer’s premises 24.—

      (1) A distributor or meter operator shall ensure that each item of his equipment which is on a consumer’s premises but which is not under the control of the consumer (whether forming part of the consumer’s installation or not) is
      (a) suitable for its purpose;
      (b) installed and, so far as is reasonably practicable, maintained so as to prevent danger; and
      (c) protected by a suitable fusible cut-out or circuit breaker which is situated as close as is reasonably practicable to the supply terminals.

      (2) Every circuit breaker or cut-out fuse forming part of the fusible cut-out mentioned in paragraph (1)(c) shall be enclosed in a locked or sealed container as appropriate.

      (3) Where they form part of his equipment which is on a consumer’s premises but which is not under the control of the consumer, a distributor or meter operator (as appropriate) shall mark permanently, so as clearly to identify the polarity of each of them, the separate conductors of low voltage electric lines which are connected to supply terminals and such markings shall be made at a point which is as close as is practicable to the supply terminals in question.

      (4) Unless he can reasonably conclude that it is inappropriate for reasons of safety, a distributor shall, when providing a new connection at low voltage, make available his supply neutral conductor or, if appropriate, the protective conductor of his network for connection to the protective conductor of the consumer’s installation.

      (5) In this regulation the expression “new connection” means the first electric line, or the replacement of an existing electric line, to one or more consumer’s installations


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        To be fair, sounds like you have engaged him to do a fixed wiring check, this wouldn't cover any intruder alarm or associated equipment.
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        I do a sample dismantling of items- checking EVERY item can introduce faults as you can take a socket off and catch a cable on a screw when putting it back.

        I do check all smoke alarms but not burglar alarms as these should have a maintenance contract (I usually check the supply to an intruder...
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        Looked inside the alarm boxes?

        They don't even look inside socket boxes.
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