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    Smart Meters


    One of my tenants has received a letter from the energy supplier asking me to contact them to book in my change over to smart meters.

    Is this a mandatory thing? At this particular property, both gas and electric meters are outside the house so I don't see any benefit to chaqnge the meter.

    If the intention is to relocate the meters inside the property, I don't actually want this as it is a small 1 bedroom house and I would like to ensure no living space is used up by these meters.

    Any info on the smart meters is appreciated.

    Many thanks

    No,it's not mandatory.
    But the suppliers are under pressure from govt. to fit them, in the misguided hope that they encourage people to save energy, so you can expect frequent badgering about it...


      Make sure you avoid having a SMETS1 meter fitted. These are the earlier type, which become 'dumb' if you change to a different supplier. They are a real nuisance, because you need to press a combination of buttons to obtain a meter reading.

      The SMETS2 compliant meters are being rolled out now and these have to be readable by all utility providers, which means they retain their 'smartness'.


        OK - as the meters are outside and not mandatory, I won't agree to the changeover for now.


          The smart meter itself would likely take up relatively little space (the meter and transmitter fitted in my flat occupies a space less than 20 × 20 x 6 cm), but there is no obligation to have one fitted.

          In my opinion the smart meter is also of no use (unless you really have no idea about how much power different electrical devices use).
          If people want to reduce their electricity consumption they will generally learn which devices use significant electricity , and reduce usage of these if they can, without a smart meter installed.
          I unplugged the display unit after a few weeks because it was an unecessary waste of electricity (albeit a very insignificant amount).


            They should not change to location of current meters, just replace by Smart ones.
            We will all be forced have SMART meters eventually.


              Meters do have to be changed eventually, to ensure they remain accurate, so at some point there will be a forced change.


                Does the meter they are offering allow remote readings? If so you might want to go for it. Wouldnt have a smart meter in my own home though.


                  Remote readings are implemented through the central system, not directly from the meter. Any smart meter that is actually working in smart mode will allow remote readings by the company, but it up to them as to whether or not they will provide them to the account holder, who, in any case, is presumably the tenant.


                    I wonder if it will one day be a letting feature to proclaim that your property is 'smart meter free'?

                    I don't want one here either as am electrosensitive.


                      In the end if the Gas or Electric accounts are in tenants name and they pay the bills.

                      A landlord will not be able to stop a smart meter been fitted as the account is between tenant and utilities supplier, a tenant is also free to choose which supplier they want to use...
                      Thunderbirds are go


                        The companies are getting desperate.

                        I've had 4 texts and 3 emails this weekend telling me that 'my' smart meter is ready for fitting.

                        I regard these as pretty dodgy marketing as they are worded as a fait-acomplit and imply that you have to make an appointment to get one fitted.
                        Nowhere does it say they are optional.

                        What's more of a laugh is that they can bombard me with this crap but haven't managed to give me bill and ask for payment for a number of years now.
                        (That's a long, ongoing, story. I reckon I'll be dead before it gets sorted out).


                          Every new meter fitted is a smart meter.
                          All the old meters will break or need replacing eventually.

                          I live on a farm, and the meter for my main power supply is at the edge of a field a long way from the house.
                          A smart meter won't reach that far.
                          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                            There are two types of Smart meters

                            SMETS 1 meters apparently don't work if change utilities supplier and just become a Zombie meter.


                            I had SMETS 2 installed which should carry on working if I change utilities supplier, Fingers crossed

                            For reference

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                            Thunderbirds are go


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