Is this Scam ?? GAS SUPPLY

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    Is this Scam ?? GAS SUPPLY

    Dear All

    Can you help pls to identify is this letter scam or not

    I have been renting the property in London for over 10 years but now suddenly new tenant has received the letter about not having the gas matter in the flat and inspection needed by Surveyor??
    Does that makes sense..?

    At present Spark Energy supplies gas and electricity in the flat so not sure what kind of information they are receiving..

    It kind of look like a scam but before i contact them this week maybe someone here can give a word of advice
    Would appreciate it!


    If this is from the company named, it is legitimate. Look them up on the web and ring them.

    For both gas and electricity, the people who actually supply them to your home haven't been the people whose names appear on the bills, for several decades. This was done to create an artificial market in a situation where there is a natural monopoly.

    You can check at to see if the company in question is the one for your area. It may also be in the small print on your bill.


      I got directed to moderation. The short answer is it is likely to be genuine. Ring them to check. My gas bill has a number you can ring to find the name and contact details of the company that could legitimately send that letter to you.


        I don't see it being a scam.

        SGN manage the gas network in Scotland and Siuthern England.

        They are not asking for any money, just access to inspect the meter, or to determine that you do actually have one.

        Is there in fact a meter?
        Has it been replaced at any time since you acquired the flat? (Smart meter/card meter perhaps).
        Might it have been 'bypassed' by a previous tenant?

        It looks like something in the suppliers paperwork is missing, or is not adding up, and so they want to check the situation.


 were all right..they just wanted to see if there was gas matter in the flat. God knows why they received info that it was not...rgds


            I got a letter the same from {Mod - name removed}. I didn't respond because it looked a bit fishy, but I have seen their van around my area.

            I probably should have replied, but it was months ago now and I haven't heard since.


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