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    Legionella assessment

    A friend of mine who rents her house in London out told me legionella assessments are now required by law. I have a student flat with a combo boiler in a 1960s ex local authority block of 6 dwellings. Doing my own assessment, I reckon the risk is low as the block is always occupied ( I have a void period of two months in the summer). Is the re any need to get a professional assessment done? My agents have never mentioned it and they are usually proactive when it comes to finding stuff I need to spend money on!

    Your friend is wrong.

    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      This is a subject that is mentioned at our local NLA meetings. If needed, you can do your own assessment and complete a report yourself to document what you have done.

      It's worth soaking shower heads in diluted bleach, running all taps if house is empty and making sure water temperature is hot enough on boiler.


        Thanks guys that is reassuring. I appreciate the tips re running water and soaking the shower head. Until I read up on this I thought you got it through drinking the water. I usually go to the property just before the students move in for a “ sparkle clean” so I’ll make sure to run the water etc.


          The original incident was due to water spray from air conditioning water. The route of infection is the lungs not the stomach.


            Drinking water contaminated with legionella won't do you any harm unless you gag/choke and water gets into the lungs. Legionellosis is essentially a lung infection most commonly caused by inhaling contaminated droplets. The bacteria prefers stagnant water and 20-45 degrees to multiply, so as AlexR said running the taps and controlling the water temperature is a good measure. At my workplace I swab the water every week but probably overkill for a residential home.


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              I do a sample dismantling of items- checking EVERY item can introduce faults as you can take a socket off and catch a cable on a screw when putting it back.

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              Looked inside the alarm boxes?

              They don't even look inside socket boxes.
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