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    New electrical safety certificates

    I noticed that the government have just announced that all landlords will have to have electrical safety certificates for each let property, done every five years by a qualified electrical engineer. Does anyone know when this legislation is coming into force?

    Typical lead time from policy announcements to commenced legislation are over a year. That assume an economically ultra-right government doesn't take over in the mean time. I presume an ultra-left government would not object to such measures.



      Brent seem to be saying this mandatory right now in order to get the license. I am about to let my flat for the 1st time, is this true? Must I get one? (this is from the non-HMO licence guide)

      18. Electrical Installations The Licence Holder must supply a current (i.e. within the previous 5 years) Domestic Electrical Installation Periodic Report for the whole of the electrical installations to the Council within 28 days of demand. All recommendations for urgent attention and improvement (Codes 1 and 2) must be carried out within 28 days of the report.

      from here


        That is on the basis of existing law on landlord licensing. The council can impose any reasonable conditions it likes on the licence.

        The wording you quote doesn't actually require you to have the certificate to obtain a licence. It just allows them to add that requirement at 28 days notice, any time during the term of the licence.

        Brent's selective licensing doesn't apply to the whole borough.


          Oh yes, thanks. Don’t know why I didn’t notice the 28 days thing! Weird.


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            I've just had two reports done on a pair of adjoining properties which are fifteen years old. They say the distribution boards are not fire rated as the boxes should be metal (post Grenfell recommendation). Quote for replacement is £450 each. They say the hard wired smoke detectors require replacement....
            14-03-2019, 17:36 PM
          • Reply to Electrical report queries
            To be fair, sounds like you have engaged him to do a fixed wiring check, this wouldn't cover any intruder alarm or associated equipment.
            As baldelectrician states, he should test the wiring and accessories to the supply point, but not the equipment itself
            23-03-2019, 17:59 PM
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            I live in a flat in a block with 4 floors. I pay a service charge and have a long lease.

            Recently, the management company has changed the lighting in the communal areas to light switches that you have to push in and last for a few minutes before they pop out. There are 3 switches on my...
            22-03-2019, 16:58 PM
          • Reply to Emergency Lighting
            Your FRA, under the fire safety order should cover emergency lighting, however your concern seems to be about walking in the now darkened communal area.
            perhaps the Health and Safety RA may be more appropriate as that must consider trips and falls and should include adequate lighting to prevent....
            23-03-2019, 17:51 PM
          • Reply to Emergency Lighting
            What does the fire risk assessment say? The way the law works is that you have to have a fire risk assessment and comply with it. They law is not prescriptive as to how you make the building safe, so it is not possible to give a definitive answer to your question without having some do a risk assessment...
            22-03-2019, 18:56 PM
          • Is this Scam ?? GAS SUPPLY
            Dear All

            Can you help pls to identify is this letter scam or not

            I have been renting the property in London for over 10 years but now suddenly new tenant has received the letter about not having the gas matter in the flat and inspection needed by Surveyor??
            Does that...
            GAS SUPPLY
            10-03-2019, 23:29 PM
          • Reply to Is this Scam ?? GAS SUPPLY
            I got a letter the same from {Mod - name removed}. I didn't respond because it looked a bit fishy, but I have seen their van around my area.

            I probably should have replied, but it was months ago now and I haven't heard since.
            22-03-2019, 16:52 PM
          • Reply to Electrical report queries
            Many thanks for the clarification. The reports are therefore valid but I'm unhappy with the bad advice he gave me by saying they didn't need servicing just new batteries. I don't think I'll be using that company again....
            20-03-2019, 08:48 AM
          • Reply to Electrical report queries
            I do a sample dismantling of items- checking EVERY item can introduce faults as you can take a socket off and catch a cable on a screw when putting it back.

            I do check all smoke alarms but not burglar alarms as these should have a maintenance contract (I usually check the supply to an intruder...
            20-03-2019, 04:00 AM
          • Reply to Electrical report queries
            Looked inside the alarm boxes?

            They don't even look inside socket boxes.
            17-03-2019, 16:57 PM