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    PAT Testing

    Hello, the house is an hmo and let to tenants. Does the electrician have to NICEIC qualified or is City and Guilds ok please?

    Regards, nice weekend to you all.

    I thought anyone could be a PAT tester after completing a very short course. They're not electricians.
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      Do you mean "PAT tester". or do you mean "PA tester"?
      i.e. do you want the test tested or do you wand teh appliances tested?


        Hello MdeB, I want appliances,kettles irons etc. tested for safety,so I imaging I mean PAT tester,some one who can do this and my question is what qualifications if any do they need to be legal?

        Hello Wannadonnadoodah, some say they have City and Guilds and I was wondering if that is legal enough for bedsit houses.

        Any more info to clarify would be appreciated Best to both of you.


          There is no specific qualification needed to do PAT testing, the rules just say that the person doing the testing must be "Competent" to use the testing equipment.

          Portable Appliance Testing is not required by law, but you do have a duty to ensure that any equipment you provide is safe, and PAT is one way of doing that.

          Portable Appliance Testing was brought in to ensure that portable electrical equipment used in the workplace was safe. (Including offices kitchens, etc.).
          Many companies have a staff member who is designated to do it, no special qualifications needed.

          However, the testing has leaked out of the workplace and into general usage to show/ensure that equipment has been maintained safely, (eg. when selling second hand).

          Many landlords have portable electrical equipment that they supply tested for their own peace of mind, and it may be a requirement of your insurance.

          You may find these Health and Safety Executive FAQ's of interest:


            If you are a member of one of the landlords' associations (RLA, NLA), you will find they offer one day courses in Portable Appliance Testing. The you can buy the kit for a couple of hundred quid, and do the job yourself.

            By the way, NICEIC is not the only route leading to Part P qualification for an electrician, there are at least three other recognised qualifications. City and Guilds Level 3 is one, NAPIT and ELECSA are others.


              Thank you everyone, the HSE web page is good, Nukecad.
              Regards to all.


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