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    Recalled Tumble Dryer

    I have been a tenant in the property for almost 9 months. I have had a couple of issues since my tenancy begun the most recent being the tumble dryer which was provided when we moved in I used the dryer the other evening and smelled a faint burning smell I unplugged and e-mailed landlord who said the element has probably burned out and could my husband find out how much a new element would be for him. So in researching the model number etc my husband found out that the model had been recalled over 18mths ago due to posing a potential fire risk. I think landlords should check to make sure all white goods provided are completely safe for tenants to use and are PAT tested. This posed a fire risk to my family.

    Products do get recalled by the manufacturers for design faults.

    It happens whether you are a tenant or a homeowner.

    You (or your landlord) has no way of knowing anything about it until it is recalled, and often not even then.
    The manufacturers don't often make a song and dance about recalls, just do the bare minimum with small announcements in the 'classified' sections of newspapers, and maybe a hard to find page on their website (if you know to look for one).

    Ask yourself, if you had bought this appliance would you have known about the recall? (Obviously not - because you didn't).

    There are an estimated 3 million dryers out in use that are subject to various recalls, their owners either don't know or are ignoring the problem. (Which do you think?).
    Or they are cleaning the filter at regular intervals, like they should, so it's not a problem.

    PAT testing would not have shown any fault, there is no fault with the electricals, it's the user not cleaning the filter that is the risk.

    You can't blame the landlord for a design/manufacturing fault - blame the equipment manufacturer.


      My answer just went to moderation for some reason?


        Very interesting: Did you have a question?

        Does or does not the tenancy or inventory state the landlord accepts liability to repair appliances?
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          I am a landlord and had a couple of tumble driers that needed modification. I was being quoted months and months to wait for repairs and modification then for some reason I was offered new machines at a greatly discounted price and only had to wait a couple of weeks. You can google 'Whirlpool tumble drier fires' or similar. As for your landlord, he may have been unaware that the model had been recalled. If you bring the matter to his attention hopefully he will give the matter the urgency it deserves.
          Brands now owned by the US giant sold 5.3 million faulty machines, allegedly linked with hundreds of fires and two deaths


            This is a complex issue.

            Machines subject to recall are not "unsafe" in any simple way. They are just statistically more unsafe than driers in general, but the risk is still low. All these machines (recalled and non-recalled) impose risk.

            The safest will be to have no tumble drier at all.

            The manufacturers are refusing to replace them. A householder does not have to replace it. It would be a silly landlord who did not replace because in the extremely unlikely event of a fire, he would be in additional trouble. However I know of no law obliging L to replace.

            Depending on your tenancy agreement it may be appropriate for the landlord simply to ask you not to use the machine or to ask you if you wish to have it removed (and not replaced).

            These fires are also not due to the machines alone in general -- they are due to an interaction between the user and the machine (do you clean the filters properly every day, do you clean all the filters, do you ever run the machine at night or when out of the house -- you should not do so even with the best machines), do you store rubbish/flammable items near the machine etc.....


              Thanks for your replies. After the advice I e-mailed the landlord again today and told him that if he contacts hotpoint they will either modify the tumble dryer free of charge or replace it. He has since e-mailed back and said he doesn't think he can do it as he has no receipt or date of purchase as it was never owned by him and was left behind by previous tenants but he will see what he can do. The tumble dryer was on the inventory done at the start of tenancy.



                Thank you for your response. I always clean the filters after every use and it looks like new. Its only because there was a faint smell of burning that I unplugged it (there was no actual fire). There is nothing stored around it is in a utility room along with washing machine, ironing board and iron. I would never have left it on overnight etc. I really feel it would be rather unfair if he did not replace it as we already had a tumble dryer before we moved in and we could have kept it.


                  Originally posted by charlotte672 View Post
                  After the advice I e-mailed the landlord again today and told him that if he contacts hotpoint they will either modify the tumble dryer free of charge or replace it.
                  Fat chance.

                  They might get around to doing it 20 years from now.

                  There are hundreds of thousands of people using these machines. There is a lot of unfairness around.


                    To clarify my own experience it was the model type that qualified the appliance for repairs, not the date of purchase etc which was immaterial. I was offered the choice of waiting many many months and not leave the machine unattended when in use, or purchase a replacement at a discounted cost. If a new tumble dryer was around £150.00, I was offered and accepted a new replacement for around £70 e.g. half price. An easy decision at the time. The simple answer is to phone Whirlpool for their current policy.


                      Her's a decent article on the subject

                      Buy a new one for £59!

                      Been waiting months for Hotpoint tumble dryer repair? Here's how to try for a refund


                        You should check the tumble dryer for a green circular sticker. The sticker will be on the front or back of the machine. If it has this sticker it means it was manufactured after Hotpoint changed the design of the dryer to avoid the problem that they had to issue the recall for; i.e. it is safe to use.


                          You do not need receipts or proof of purchase just the reg number - repair will take a very long time. £100 gets you a brand new tumble drier. I have had to change 2 and it is a simple process.
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