Selective Licencing - Power Socket Outlet quantities

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    Selective Licencing - Power Socket Outlet quantities

    Hi All,

    Im looking for any help / advice, I am a Landlord of a Terraced Property and have been for over 10 years. Recently I have had to apply for Selective Licencing through Rotherham Borough Council and they have recently carried out their first inspection. The only two points they raised were the quantity of Power Outlets in the two bedrooms.

    The front double bedroom currently has two single socket outlets in apposing corners of the room - RMBC have informed me these need changing to twin sockets and a third twin socket adding.

    The rear bedroom has currently one twin socket outlet and they have stated that this room needs an additional twin outlet adding in the room.

    Can anybody advise if this is a mandatory requirement for existing houses (rental properties) to be changed - the house was built in 1917.

    And also - Can I carry out the change myself under Part P DIY?

    Thanks in advance

    Steve Wilko

    If you know what you are doing, I would crack on and do it yourself.


      I think you will find that these are only 'recommendations' and not enforcable. Ask the officer to show you the relevant piece of fegislation he is using to batter you with.

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        You cant issue a completion certificate covering the work can you? (unless you happen to be a NICEIC/IEE registered electrician).

        You do have to produce a safety certificate for the electrical installation and by altering it you no longer have the certificate so my advice is to get in a qualified electrician and tell him to provide you a certificate covering the work.

        "Good health and safety means never having to say sorry"
        Amen to that!


          By the way its licensing not licencing in British English; very confusing word, different spellings when in use as a noun as to its use as a verb. Often misspelt due to auto correct on US software assuming American usage


            The source for this seems to be Regulation 553-01-07 in BS 7671 (The 17th edition wiring regulations). As Rotherham seem to require the electrics to be inspected, I would suggest doing that, and if it comes back as a priority 1 item you will have to do it. However, I suspect, like most things with old installations, it will only be indicated as something to do during the next major overhaul. It certainly isn't going to be category 1, which is the level at which Rotherham require fixes.

            Unfortunately, I don't have £75 spare to buy a copy for the exact wording.

            The reason for the increase is that people now have rather more than bedside lights in bedrooms these days, e.g. TVs, phone chargers, etc., and the ideal is that there should be no trailing socket blocks, or multi-way adapters.


              This is something that was added in current wiring regulations, therefore this is a C3, a recommendation, it is NOT mandatory. You can "crack on" and install new sockets yourself, no reason you can't - as long as you get it signed off and certified by a competent person afterwards.


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