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  • Reply to Aftermath
    by dazwalsh
    I will operate exactly the same as I did before the crisis. This isnt something which comes along once a year or even every 10 years. It's also had an effect on every area of society not just the self employed or the low paid workers etc. This extremely rare type of event shouldn't affect your selection...
    30-03-2020, 17:19 PM
  • Aftermath
    by jase222
    I've been reading all the chat on this forum and was thinking about what it's going to be like after, will landlords be more weary of self employed tenants, have more uc or pack in all together ? Interesting times and the tenants are going to struggle even more as landlords try to doubley make sure...
    30-03-2020, 14:15 PM
  • Reply to What to do if Tenants not paying rent due to corona virus?
    by MdeB
    But the water damage to the lower floors is not caused by the fire on the top floor but by the response to that fire.

    The government did not have to take the steps they did to combat the virus.

    They could have said "we will do nothing, allow the virus to rip through the...
    30-03-2020, 17:16 PM
  • What to do if Tenants not paying rent due to corona virus?
    by lanthth2000
    I guess quite a few landlords here may be in the same situation that tenants stop paying anything due to corona virus.

    I understand it is a difficult time for everyone. Knowing the fact that Government can pay up to 80% of the salary for anyone affected, it would be OK for me for example...
    26-03-2020, 14:33 PM
  • Reply to Six Months AST or Twelve Months AST with Mutual Break Clause
    by jpkeates
    Exercising a break clause is not serving notice (unless the break clause is badly written).
    If the tenant does it, the tenancy should end at the break.

    Because the tenancy has ended because of "a surrender or other action on the part of the tenant" an SPT shouldn't arise...
    30-03-2020, 17:03 PM
  • Six Months AST or Twelve Months AST with Mutual Break Clause
    by Stew
    Hi wondering if during these times for new AST's I should be doing

    a) 12 Months AST with 6 Months mutual break clause
    b) 6 Months AST

    Rather than worrying about the longer letter my main concern is being able to take back control of the property as soon as possible if...
    28-03-2020, 12:45 PM
  • Reply to Asking for 35% off rent
    by MdeB
    Just because they are a big company does not mean they have a full and accurate understanding/interpretation of the law.

    This is just one area in which their understanding is deficient....
    30-03-2020, 17:02 PM
  • Asking for 35% off rent
    by Lillylisa
    Hi. I am a fairly new landlord and I only own one property. About a month ago I reached out to my tenants asking if they were okay and if they wanted to get in contact with me please do. Three days later they contacted me to ask for a massive reduction in the rent asking for 35% off. I have no issues...
    28-03-2020, 16:20 PM
  • Reply to Six Months AST or Twelve Months AST with Mutual Break Clause
    by MdeB
    a) Assuming that the agreement is for a fixed term, and does not contain words about "continuing monthly after the initial term, then it is absolute rubbish, is not legally enforceable, and shows that the authors do not know what they are doing.

    Exercising a break clause does not require...
    30-03-2020, 16:56 PM
  • Reply to Aftermath
    by jpkeates
    I think there'll be a dip in property prices post event.
    There'll be a lot of dead, grieving and damaged people and lots of businesses and jobs will be gone forever.

    Which will keep landlords in the rental business, because it won't be the best time to sell up.

    The government...
    30-03-2020, 15:41 PM