doing your own inventory advisable?

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    doing your own inventory advisable?

    Hi all

    I recently had a video inventory done for a 3-bed in London, by a 'specialist' video inventory firm. I got back on-line links to the various videos plus a basic written accompaniment - just giving "scores out of 10" for different aspects of each room. Very subjective in my opinion. The video itself was also quite lo res and moved around too fast, to hold the tenant to account for all but major damage.

    So I have more recently (on a smaller property) done my own video inventory for the tenancy, I had a copy of today's newspaper to prove when it was made, and the video was better quality and more detailed (didn't race around as fast!).

    However I've heard that doing your inventory is dangerous if its challenged. Is this true even with your own video inventory which is proved to have been done on the day?


    I am not sure the DPS accept video inventories. They certainly werent accepting photo CDs when I last spoke to them. In any case, I know they preder written (and prefetably signed) inventories so I would just stick to those as my guess is that the other deposit agencies are the same


      I wouldn't rely on a video inventory. If you need to rely on it in the event of a claim, you're asking the arbitrator to do a hell of a lot of work to come to a decision and I think they just won't bother.

      You'd have to submit your evidence by saying things like "mark to carpet - freeze frame 5mins 35secs" and then expect the arbitrator to bother to skip through the video to that point to check it.

      Written independent inventory with photographs to back it up has always served me well.


        I am often approached by whizzy companies offering to update my work methods. None of them have ever been able to point to any of the deposit schemes saying they will happily accept video inventories. If you go to any of the schemes sites you will find that they have all released statements, almost yearly, saying they don't like them. What they want, what they clearly state that they want, is the unbiased observation of a property in words, with pictures to support those words.

        The schemes also say, quite clearly, that they will assume and acknowledge the bias, intended or otherwise, of an inventory prepared by the owner/landlord.

        It is worth having a look at the deposit schemes information... see what they say they like!


          Originally posted by Stef Cooke View Post
          The schemes also say, quite clearly, that they will assume and acknowledge the bias, intended or otherwise, of an inventory prepared by the owner/landlord.
          I've always found this very silly (I'm aware that it's true, so I'm not having a go).

          If a tenant signs a document agreeing that it is a fair and accurate representation of the property (assuming they've been given sufficient time to do so), then I really don't see why who compiled that document has any relevance.


            I know! I have a LL who was badly burned and now uses clerks... her own inventories were as detailed as mine, as clear, etc. But they had one very expensive myDeposit experience - the nice gentleman in charge said he never believed a LLs assessment of their own property! That was it, end of any possible discussion!

            Ludicrous situation for anyone to be put in - even thought it does help keep me in work


              Pointless having inventories at all in my view. The cost is likely to be more than any adjudication.
              To save them chiming in, JPKeates, Theartfullodger, Boletus, Mindthegap, Macromia, Holy Cow & Ted.E.Bear think the opposite of me on almost every subject.


                Don't normally post on anything other than fire related topic. However, we have 4 properties all of which we manage ourselves. We pay letting agents for introduction and inventories. Doing your own is a pain. Pay around £125 plus VAT.


                  Originally posted by JK0 View Post
                  Pointless having inventories at all in my view. The cost is likely to be more than any adjudication.
                  I dont take deposits but I do have an inventory, signed by the tenant, and after reading the above - the extra amount I factor into the rent for the lack of deposit and additional diligence I put into getting the 'right' tenant seems to be worth it !!


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                    See what happens. Many tenants leave on simply being served or when court papers issued.

                    Further, many s21 are invalid anyway : have you checked it with eg info from nearly legal or shelter?
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