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    hi, everyone here,
    i rent out my flat to a good tenant 3 years ago, but now he moved out, the carpet, wall, bathroom had been damaged, so that i have to change all of them, i have already taken his deposit, but still not able to cover the cost. does my tenants need to pay for it? what if my tenant is not going to pay, what legal action can i do ?

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    First things first.
    Do you have a fully completed and signed inventory?
    Have to taken into account fair wear and tear into your costings?

    If the answer to both the above are yes then you can pursue your ex-tenant for the extra costs, via the courts if need be.


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      hi, Thank you for your reply.
      I have the complete detail of inventory, and i have all the quotations from the contractor. the thing is what do i need to do to pursue the extra-cost (via the court if need to ).

      really sorry about that, but i have no idea what to do with this


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        1. Talk to him

        2. Write to him

        See if you can agree on the situation. Imagine the boot were on the other foot and you were tenant, not landlord. What would you consider fair? Was the carpet very cheap, so it's worn out rather than damaged? Remember he has been there 3 years. 3 years isn't bad for a cheap carpet in a rental property. Did you use very cheap bathroom fittings that were bound to collapse?

        Then go to and follow it from there.
        The contents of this note are neither advice nor a definitive answer. If you plan to rely on this, you should pay somebody for proper advice.


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