Can I renew my tenancy with my tenants WITHOUT the agent?

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  • Can I renew my tenancy with my tenants WITHOUT the agent?

    My first year with my tenants is closely coming to an end. The tenants appear to be very low maintainence. The agents have called me today asking me whether they can renew the contract as the tenants want to stay on. Can I not approach the tenants and do away with the agents. After all, they have not done any work to justify paying them a whole fee again. What are my legal rights on this?

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    First, have a look at the agreement you originally signed with them - what does it say in this regard?


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      Agreed, your contract will dictate what you are allowed to do. The contract I had with my LA stated that I was bound to continue the 15% charge for as long as the tenant was in the property whether they were managing it or also had no break fee.

      Only way I got rid was by pulling them up on a data protection breach!


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        It is the old story fo reading the agent's contract carefully before signing it. My current agent tried the same trick on me. The appropriate clause was carefully deleted, the "office girl" panicked at such high and mighty action and sent for a partner in the firm. My hand was shaken by same who was happy to agree to the deletion of the clause!

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