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  • Lock up Garage rent issue

    Hello everyone,

    First postng here.
    Just wanted to know what I should do about a Lock up Garage I have been renting out and the tenant is late with the rent payments.

    On the first months due rent (one months rent and deposit previously secured) our garage tenant was late in making the payment. He stated that the reason was because he had missplaced our bank details and if he could have them he would make the deposit which he did.

    Since then all payments were made (although usually a week late) until this year where he has missed Januarys and Februarys payments.
    When contacted in January, he said he would make the two payments in February (which he has not yet done).

    He is now very hard to get hold of and we were going to nicely ask him to pay the arrears and set up the direct debit as stated in our tenancy agreement.

    My question is this. If he decides not to set up a direct debit / standing order what do we need to do to evict him and start up with a new tenant?
    I have read there is a section 21 form for residential properties but as this is a garage, I am not sure if the same laws are in force for evictions

    Sorry for the long post

    Thanks for any info you can help with.

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    My experience with garages is that some people are just too lazy to pay and its a real drag.

    Section 21 does not apply; that is only for dwellings. It assume the garage does not come with the tenants home attatched.

    First look to what your written agreement says about giving notice.

    If it says nothing; state that unless you receive rent within 7days, you will termnate the tenancy as he has breached the agreement due to serious rent arrears and you will take possession of the garage. Say he should be moved out by then and hand over the key. If he does not do so, anything of his will then be removed and stored at his expense; or he must make arrangements to collect.Then you should change the locks after the date set if he has not handed back the keys.

    Do not simply abandon his goods; you have a duty of care for a certain number of days.

    You could claim your rent arrears and moving expenses back off him through the courts, but it might not be worth the hassle.

    A lot of councils have info on the web regarding garage tenancies they operate and what happens when tenant is in arrears. SUggest you google.
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