Evicting a sectioned tenant

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    Evicting a sectioned tenant

    Hi there,
    can anyone help. We are in the process of evicting our tenant. They have been served with the section 21 and had 2 months notice to leave, but didnt. So now we are going to court, but the tenant has now been sectioned.
    Will their mental state affect the outcome of the magistrates decision?
    Also as they are sectioned ,a friend of theirs is staying in our flat, looking after it for the tenant who is paying no rent. Im so pleased. Anyway if the tenant stays under observation is it ok for this 'friend' to stay in my flat.
    Hope someone has an incling as regards the mental illness issue.
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    If you have issued a correct S.21 notice, then you will not have a problem.
    A S.21 does not allow any leyway for a judge to say the tenant may stay, if it has been completed and served in the correct mannor then you will get your possession order.


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